Creating the Perfect Engagement Ring

Written by: Beth Bowes-Carter

When you find the perfect woman who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you also want to be able to give her the perfect engagement ring. Take the time now to learn what styles of jewelry she likes best so you can make an informed choice when it’s time to create that stunning ring that will take her breath away. Here are the three most important things to know to help you create the perfect ring:

1. How many stones? Some women want one gorgeous solitaire diamond in a setting that draws attention to the stone, whereas other women prefer several stones. She may want accent diamonds on the sides, or even her birth stone or another gem to bring color and individuality to the ring.

2. What style of ring? There’s a big difference between rings with modern designs and rings with antique sensibilities. You don’t even have to have an heirloom in your family to give her vintage ring. Talented jewelers can create vintage engagement rings that draw from whatever styles or time periods are her favorite.

3. What metal to use? You’ll probably want to match the metal in the engagement ring to the wedding band, so now is the time to decide between gold, white gold, platinum, and other fine metals. Color preference is a major factor, but also keep in mind that white gold is more difficult to maintain than the other options.

Find the Best Engagement Rings in Houston

Written by: Beth Bowes-Carter

Few things are as symbolic as a diamond ring. For most people, especially those in the United States, a diamond ring conjures the idea of engagement. For over 500 years, men have been proposing to women with a diamond engagement ring. While cultures have changed, the betrothed continue to emulate the tradition once started by an archduke in Austria. An increase in diamond supply thanks to the discovery of the precious gem in South Africa has allowed would-be grooms — and sometimes brides — the opportunity to profess their love and make their intentions known to the world.

With so many fingers boasting a gold or silver band adorned with a diamond, every suitor wants to know that his beloved is as happy with her ring as she is with him. Most women also want an engagement ring that fits her personality. It’s no surprise that custom ring designs are as popular as they are, especially if you have the money to create a one-of-a-kind ring.

For engagement rings, Houston buyers have more alternatives than buying the same ring from the jewelry store in the mall. They can custom design a handcrafted piece that will stand the test of time and act as a testament to their love. You can choose a single diamond — known as solitaire — or surround a larger stone with smaller cuts. You don’t have to stick with diamonds, either. A pop of color goes a long way when it comes to a unique ring!