The Benefits of a Custom Jewelry Designer

It can be quite tempting to buy ready-made jewelry when it is time to shop for that special diamond. Nowhere is this truer than when a talented salesperson is at work. When the fit of the ring is perfect, and when the color of the pendant is ideal, the impulse to make an immediate purchase can be very strong. However, there is another option to consider: the unique and artistic world of the custom jewelry designer from Dickinson By Design Diamonds.

Make Your Own Masterpiece

Many people hold the misconception that custom jewelry is only for the fabulously wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dickinson By Design Diamonds‘ jewelry is custom designed, and crafted in a superior quality. This is possible because the one-of-a-kind design includes only what each customer wants. It hands over complete control of the number of diamonds, their size, color, and settings to the customers, giving them the features they love at price points with which they are comfortable

Custom jewelry offers complete freedom over what the finished piece will look like. The adventurous can play with multiple bands and diamonds in a rainbow of shades. The groom can celebrate his bride’s beauty with petal pink diamonds, or combine a white diamond with a sapphire that matches her eyes. A skilled designer can even leave behind the round ring shape for something truly wild. The sky is the limit with sculpted animals, flowers and leaves, and even Gothic skeletons

All too often, lovers of the understated walk into a store and find that only the bold is in style, and vice versa. With a custom jewelry designer, you are no longer held hostage to the dictates of fashion. Diamond shoppers can create pieces that suit their taste and fit in with their existing wardrobes.

Jewelry as Individual as the Person Who Wears It

Love is never factory produced, and neither should be the jewelry that celebrates it. When a diamond is meant to be worn every day, is should reflect the personality of the person who will wear it. Why should it be bland and like what everyone else is wearing, when with the work of a custom jewelry designer, it can be a daily reminder of passion? One-of-a-kind diamond jewelry will become a treasured part of the family’s story for generations.

Achieve the Perfect Fit

Just as very few women are the same size dress, very few women are the same size ring. By designing a piece of jewelry with the wearer in mind from the beginning, it is easy to get an ideal fit. No matter how dainty or robust the hand, the diamond will fit, because it was made for it. The jewelry designer also can use lighter materials and adjust the positions of the stones to keep a smaller person from being weighed down by a bulky piece.

Update a Family Heirloom

You can create a new tradition by taking jewelry that has been in your family and making it new with assistance from a custom jewelry designer. Stones can be removed from old settings and mixed in with new stones in a fresh design connected to both the past and the present.

Custom jewelry designers are no longer for the wealthy. Before selecting a mass-produced diamond, take a moment to consider the value and individuality of a custom-made piece of jewelry.

Achieve a Classic Look with Vintage Engagement Rings

Are you curious about vintage engagement rings? When you make an investment in a ring for your fiance, you want it to be something that will always be in style. For this reason, classic looks of the past are tried and true favorites that are guaranteed to make her eyes light up when she opens the box. In order to get the best classic look, take the following pointers into consideration, and visit to find a classic design.

Feminine Touch of Art Nouveau Vintage Jewelry

Is the person that you are buying a ring for a real girly-girl? One of the advantages of vintage engagement rings from the 1920s and 1930s is their feminine touch. In particular, many of the jewelry styles from that time period are called Art Nouveau. This means that the jewelry is meant to reflect the softness of nature. Taking a look at will help you sort out among the many differing vintage looks available.

Most of the time, people have no idea that they are looking at an Art Nouveau antique in the first place. Instead, they are amazed at how creative these pieces can be while still matching everything. Common themes for art nouveau vintage engagement rings are flowing flowers, paisley, songbirds, vines, and soft pastels. It is also common for an art nouveau ring to include rose gold, pearls and opals as accents.

Downton Abbey flair takes over weddings

A few years ago, no one would believe you if you said post-Edwardian fashion was going to come back into style. This time period is specifically the World War I decade of the 1910s. However, due to the popularity of the TV show Downton Abbey, Americans are taking interest in the styles of this era. Specifically, the filigree styles from the early 1900s are vintage engagement rings that complement modern fashion. Sadly, if your bride to be is a big fan of 24-karat gold, you may have difficulty finding rings from this historic time. The main metal used for most Edwardian rings was platinum, and this looks like silver.

A Vintage Ring Still Needs a Jeweler

The fact that you bought a vintage engagement ring online does not mean that your interactions with a local jeweler are over. Instead, there are a variety of reasons that you will want to use their services to achieve the classic vintage look for your engagement. For instance, a jeweler can adjust the size of the band or give the item a good polishing. They can also alter a piece of jewelry to take away unflattering aspects and add touches that give it a timeless look. For example, a heavily decorated ring band can be polished smooth. Along those lines, a flat looking stone that is not very reflective can be replaced with a brilliant faceted diamond.

Saving Money with Vintage Engagement Rings

With the continuation of a poor economy, many wage earners are still cautious about spending money. Despite the fact that most vintage engagement rings are timeless classics, one of the other reasons that they are sought after is their low price. Besides the weight of the gold and stones, recently made engage and rings are also priced for their styling. Alternatively, rings from the past are usually purchased at estate auctions and are sold far below standard retail prices.

Finally, one other way that couples save money on any engagement ring is by avoiding modern styles that may fall out of favor. Of course, history has already testified for vintage jewelry and this means you are in the clear with most classic engagement rings from the past.