Preserve Your Precious Family Heirlooms with Jewelry Repair in Houston

[Posted on March 26th, 2013]

Antique jewels are precious items that family members treasure as much for their emotional significance as for their financial value. Family jewels that are passed down through generations carry with them a responsibility for surviving family members to protect, repair and preserve with Jewelry Repair Houston services.

A gift of a diamond engagement ring from a great-grandfather to his bride has special significance to the great-granddaughter who inherits it. Understanding how pieces of jewelry enter a family is often part of the fascination of owning them. With the passage of time, delicate pieces of elegant jewelry need inspection by a Jewelry Repair Houston expert, who has the expertise to repair broken, worn or damaged parts.


Special Care by Experts

The obligation of a jeweler who is entrusted with valuable family heirlooms is to return them to their original condition. With professional expertise, a jeweler may clean and polish antique pieces to restore their luster. Chips in diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other gems disappear under the expert direction of a jeweler’s hands and tools. Repairing bent, broken or worn prongs, shanks and links that can make jewelry unwearable is a routine matter to a quality jeweler.


Contemporary Appraisal Methods

Heirloom jewelry that was purchased at a time when scientific evaluation of stones was not available can receive an evaluation based on the most recent technology. A family member may own a diamond that is extraordinary without realizing it. A contemporary jeweler can provide an accurate description of a diamond that has pleased family members for generations.

With the proper repair of antique jewelry, an owner can have complete confidence in wearing it without fear of loss from breakage or defect. Repairing stones that are chipped is a specialty of jewelers who repair heirloom rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pins and other cherished pieces. By understanding the nature of the stone and its inherent qualities, a jeweler can restore a stone that is chipped to its former beauty.


An Honor to Uphold

Jewelry that has been handed down from one generation to the next is intended to have an active life, adorning the hands, neck or ears of each generation. It is a sad loss when the owner of a lovely piece of heirloom jewelry puts it away and does not wear it. Restoration and repair jewelers can put the piece into pristine condition so that it can perform the intended purpose of providing enhanced beauty for the person who wears it.


Trusted Jewelers

Fixing valuable jewelry is a special skill that is earned by years of pleasing discerning customers. The bond of trust between distinguished jewelers and valued customers deepens over the years as one piece of jewelry after another is fixed and repaired. Owners of precious, inherited jewelry have the opportunity to procure the best care for the maintenance and repair of beloved gold, silver and gems.

Finding a jeweler who can provide services to clean precious metals, replace missing stones and re-cut chipped stones is essential to take the best care of new or heirloom jewelry. A trusted family member who receives the gift of family jewelry should show the proper level of respect by putting it in the care of an expert jeweler for maintenance and repair.


Preserve Your Precious Family Heirlooms with Jewelry Repair in Houston


Make Your Engagement Special with Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on 18 Mar 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

Little girls begin planning their weddings early in their childhood. They understand the concept of true love and happily ever after before they receive their first kisses and they all know that happily ever after starts with an engagement ring. Most women would agree that the engagement ring is even more important than the wedding band that is given at the marriage ceremony. While the wedding band is the symbol of eternal love, the engagement ring is the grooms opportunity to express his love and devotion to his bride-to-be. The engagement ring is more than just a ring – it is a promise, which is why more and more couples are opting for Custom Made Engagement Rings.

Choosing the Perfect Ring

It is important to make sure the engagement ring you choose is as unique as your love story. This particular piece of jewelry will be wrapped around your beloved’s finger forever. It’s only natural to be daunted when you first step foot in the ring shop. There will be cases full of different cuts and styles and karats of rings. There will probably be some names that don’t make sense and there will probably be some numbers that make even less sense. Envision your loved one. Even though there are some gorgeous sparkling rings already perfectly put together, your best bet is going to be to get Custom Made Engagement Rings that are created especially to tell your love story.

Matching Her Style

The moment you propose will be the beginning of your lives together as husband and wife. That’s why you want to make sure that the engagement ring suits not only her personality, but is symbolic of your life together. It will be the one aspect of her wardrobe that she won’t be able to switch out. So, consider her personal style. Is your blushing bride contemporary? Vintage? Classic? When you choose a custom made engagement ring you’ll be able to choose the perfect band. Bands can come in white, rose or yellow gold, and other metals such as stainless steel or platinum.

For the more contemporary girl, white gold is popular. If her style is more vintage, you may want to check out a yellow gold, or even rose gold with a slight pink tint. You will also be able to choose the cut and karat of the diamond that fits into your setting. Diamonds can come in a multitude of cuts. There are square cuts, circle cuts, even heart shaped cuts. The cut of the diamond, along with the clarity, will be up to your discretion when you are custom making your ring.

The engagement ring you select will be something your partner will cherish for the rest of her life. It is not simply a piece of jewelry, it is a gift from your heart that symbolizes your love for her that will last a lifetime. Whatever cut, color or style you choose, make sure it is a ring that tells your unique love story and love that is forever.

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