Your Loved Ones Deserve a Custom Jewelry Designer

[Posted on April 15th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

As unique and special as your loved one is, a piece of custom jewelry is an ideal gift to reflect their distinctive personality. A Custom Jewelry Designer will work with you to tailor an exceptionally designed piece to incorporate the facets of their personality for a truly one of kind expression of your love and devotion.

The Appeal of Custom Design

Occasions such as marriage, the birth of a child, or a graduation are popular occasions for conferring with trained artisans to commission a custom designed piece of jewelry. Other significant events to commemorate may perhaps encompass a quincinera, sixteenth birthday, or other milestones. Whatever the occasion, a Custom Jewelry Designer can specially create a treasure to honor the occasion.

Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary

An item most often evoked by the term “custom designed jewelry” is an engagement or wedding ring. Indeed, couples can express personal style in harmony with their dreams for a lasting lifetime commitment to their partner with the imaginative design of a custom engagement ring or wedding band. An inscription added to each member of the wedding set affirms the couple’s vow.

Anniversaries are equally momentous events in a couple’s lifetime commitment. Whether choosing a brooch to showcase the semiprecious pebbles collected on the beach or a fiery golden topaz to replicate the golden sunrise over the water, a handcrafted item will embed the romance of the honeymoon as it celebrates each anniversary. Milestone anniversaries traditionally associated with particular gemstones such as the ruby, diamond, and pearl will take on personal significance when fashioned into a piece of jewelry that embodies a couple’s life together.

Other Occasions

Significant days occur in every person’s life. These days provide the perfect occasions to consult with a jeweler specializing in handcrafted custom designed jewelry. Any sixteen-year old-daughter will treasure forever a pendant, bracelet, or any jewelry designed and created just for her.  Likewise, a son’s sixteenth birthday may be equally commemorated by a unique ring stylized just for him, which has become a fast growing category in jewelry design. First communions, confirmations and Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s will be indelibly etched in a child’s memory with that perfectly fashioned piece to observe the gala affair.

Old is New Again

Utilizing what is already in your jewelry box is the forte of many jewelers. The master jewelers will work with their customers to create fabulous works of art within each customer’s budget. Vintage and family heirloom jewels take on a new appearance when updated with new settings or incorporated into a completely different item of jewelry. Grandmother’s brooch could be restructured into a dazzling pair of earrings; mother’s damaged class ring refurbished with a modernized setting becomes a classy gift for her fiftieth birthday; or dad’s fraternity pin restored and enhanced with additional details will make his retirement a day to remember.

Worth the Decision

Custom design jewelers simplify the process for their clients. In the initial consultation they will help guide the client’s choice with expert advice and clarification for each step of the process.  Investing the time and imagination into a custom designed, handcrafted jewelry item expresses not only your adulation for your loved one, but by the memories aroused by the jewelry designed and created just for them, they will always remember how much they mean to you.

Finding Trusted Jewelry Repair in Houston

[Posted on April 3rd, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

All of the pieces that are dear to your heart are set apart from the other pieces in your jewelry box. As you hold those pieces of jewelry in higher esteem, it is necessary to only use a trusted jewelry repair Houston company when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your most precious jewelry. Such a company has high standards, proven philosophies and accredited artisans–all the elements that lead to exceptional productivity.

Some of your cherished pieces are symbolic; some of them are just your favorite while others are precious relics serving as mementos. To protect both their intrinsic and extrinsic value, you should take them to a trusted jewelry repair Houston company that specializes in quality work. There are a lot of them in and around your area in Houston, but it is important to research the services of Dickinson By Design before entrusting a single establishment with your valuable.


How to Distinguish Between the Right Company and the Wrong Company

The last thing you want to do is invest your precious time and hard-earned money in a company that is incapable of accommodating your needs. If you do, you risk losing your cherished pieces by allowing an illegitimate company to repair them. Such companies are generally the ones that tend to offer deals or discounts that are too good to be true. You can easily ascertain a company’s legitimacy by calling the Better Business Bureau to look at its history, or you can simply hang on every word you are told and pay close attention to how you are treated. A trusted company will have a team of representatives that exercises generosity and punctuality, among other qualities. This is a team that will handle your cherished pieces with the utmost care, so you can rest assured that your experience with the company will be a pleasant one.


What to Expect from The Right Company

The right company is going to be the one that can guarantee top-notch results and be able to offer proof of their work. It is going to be the one that has not only the proper equipment and knowledge but also offers a number of services for a fair price. The right company, above all, will have superb customer service.


Where to Find the Right Company

To find out where the nearest jewelry repair company is located, the most sensible thing you can do is to use the Internet. The Internet can provide the company’s address and contact information, along with countless customers’ reviews. If the company you are considering using is well established and renowned, you will have an easy time with finding customer reviews. While there are many reviews on websites waiting to disclose information, there are also many jewelry repair companies waiting to serve you that may not have an established Internet following.

If you would like to use a company that is relatively unknown, be sure you keep this in mind: It is of the utmost importance that you do what is best for your cherished pieces because choosing the wrong company can have negative consequences.