Why Couples Should Consider Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on July 16th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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No two people are exactly alike, and every marriage will have its own unique qualities. Couples head to the nearest jewelry store to buy their wedding and engagement rings, but these rings are mass produced. They aren’t as unique and lovely as the couple who will wear them. When two people want to make a statement about their incredible love for each other, they should choose custom made engagement rings, instead.

Variety of Stones

The standard engagement ring comes with diamonds, but some brides prefer a little more color. With custom rings, people can choose any stone they like. They can have the band set with the birthstone for the month of their wedding, or the main stone can represent the month they first started dating in. Perhaps the couple already has children together. In this case, they may choose to add their child’s birthstone in the ring somewhere. Whether blue is simply her favorite color or the beautiful pearls of June have special meaning for him, people can choose any stone they want for custom made engagement rings.

Personalized Settings

It’s one thing to find a setting in the case that is appropriate, and it’s another thing to design a custom setting that is personalized to the couple. They can include spaces for stones along the side of the band or even circling the main stone. They may opt for floral patterns, filigree work that adds a delicate touch or a bold gold band complete with any unique design.

Matching Sets

Customized matching sets are a true source of pride. They play off each other in the most elegant way. Stones can be carefully matched, and the settings can be coordinated to ensure that they look incredible together. Whether the couple wants an infinity symbol to show how long their love will last or they are looking for something heavily detailed and fit for royalty, they can produce the perfect matching set with custom rings.

Metal Combination and Color

Gold was the top metal in the 1980s, but yellow gold has given way to platinum and white gold. However, couples can also choose silver, rose gold and titanium. The prices can change drastically with the different fine metals, but they are all certain to look incredible. One interesting idea is to mix the metals for a combination of yellow and white gold that is truly unique and will make the rings stand out even more.

Matching Accessories

When designing beautiful matching rings, consider adding matching accessories to complete the style. A bride will truly feel like a princess when the earrings she dons on her wedding day are a perfect match to her ring, and she will think of that incredible day every time she sees the earrings. Couples can invest in matching bracelets, earrings and necklaces to help make this day and moment even more memorable. One of the greatest features of custom rings is that they can fit any budget. Whether the couple is trying to save money or the sky is the limit, they can find the perfect ring for their tastes and needs. Perfectly matched and suited to the happy couple, custom rings are a source of pride and joy. They will always remind the bride and groom of each other and the life they are going to build together.

Why Working with a Custom Jewelry Designer Is the Best Option

[Posted on July 9th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Sometimes the piece of jewelry you are dreaming of proves impossible to find. Maybe you like the band on one ring, the stone on another, and the detailing on the next. Perhaps you prefer the idea of having a one-of-a-kind custom necklace that no one else is wearing. Maybe you want your engagement ring to be a reflection of how you feel. These are just a few of the reasons why working with a custom jewelry designer maybe your best option. Below are a few of the most popular reasons people have customized jewelry created:

A Personalized Gift Idea

Jewelry is a popular gift idea for special occasions, birthdays, engagements, and holidays and it may feel more heartfelt if it is designed by a custom jewelry designer. If your loved one has a favorite stone, a favorite color, a favorite material, or if you want to design a piece of jewelry that represents a personal aspect of your relationship with your loved one you can do so with customized jewelry. You can even add hidden inscriptions or hidden compartments to add to your pieces charm.

Captures Your Sense of Style

When you find a designer whose signature work is complementary to your taste and style, you may want to take things a step further with a custom piece. Even if you love their style you may not want to be limited to their mass market selections and can participate in having them design you a custom piece.  Or maybe you can’t find a piece that captures your sense of style, so you have a piece designed that has everything you are looking for.

Redesign a Family Heirloom

Heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation and something you want to keep in your family for years to come. Even if the heirloom has sentimental value for you and your family it may not be a piece you are likely to wear. Perhaps you have an heirloom that has many stones and you want to find a way to break it up for several family members to share. Whatever your reason may be, an experienced designer can take your heirloom and craft it into a piece, or several pieces, that you will wear and enjoy.

Create Jewelry Out of Unique Stones and Materials

What if you have an element that is not often used to make jewelry, but you see that it has potential to become a unique piece? If you find yourself wanting something untraditional made into a unique piece of jewelry you can acquire a jewelry designer to craft something for you.

More Options to Choose From

When you shop in a jewelry store you are limited to mainstream styles, but when you have a custom design the possibilities are endless. Even if you are not particularly artsy or creative, a jewelry designer will help you create a piece that has all of things you love most. You can order stones in sizes and colors to match your favorite pieces and you can make your jewelry of metals and materials that are less typical.

To maximize your investment, have your jewelry custom designed in order to ensure your piece has everything you desire and that it is a piece you will enjoy for years to come.