Five Things to Know about Jewelry Repair in Houston

[Posted on August 20th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Five Things to Know about Jewelry Repair in Houston

High-quality jewelry is durable, but it can also break over the course of time, meaning you may have to take it to a shop that specializes in jewelry repair in Houston. Mending broken jewelry is a necessary part of owning the precious pieces and yet it can also be a difficult matter to handle. Upon deciding that you need to take your jewelry to a repair shop, here are five things that you should know about before, during, and after the repair:

Timely Detection Always Pays Off

No matter how much you pay for your jewelry and how you acquired it, losing one is a heartbreaking situation. This is why it is essential to address the problem as soon as you spot the very first signs of wear and tear. It is therefore recommended that you perform regular inspections from the clasps to the prongs to the links. This is a good habit that will help you save huge amounts of cash once you take it to a jewelry repair Houston service firm.

DIY Repair

Upon noticing that your jewelry does need to be fixed, you can try to fix it yourself specifically if the problem is only minimal. For instance, if your necklace has a broken clasp, you only need to buy a new one and replace the old clasp with it. However, worn down metal which is a typical problem in engagement rings in Houston because of how frequent they are worn should be repaired by a professional.

Finding a Trustworthy Jeweler

There are a number of shops for jewelry repair in Houston and the other nearby Texan cities. However, it may be a challenge to find the best and most trusted one out of the bunch. This is important though since jewelry is something you have invested in. If you are new in town, ask your friends or your neighbors about the jewelers that they know. You can also do a search online and read reviews about existing jewelry shops in Houston, TX.

The Repair Process

Once you have selected the right jeweler for you, it helps if you are allowed to watch the repair process. An honest jeweler will have nothing to hide so he or she will just let you observe the whole procedure. If not, it is critical that you ask whether all repairs are done in store or not. There have been a number of shops that offer jewelry repair in Houston that take the pieces to another person or firm. Note that the more traveling your jewelry does, the more likely you are getting ripped off. Plus, you will probably be told that you cannot get your jewelry at the end of the day.


When your jewelry has been repaired, you should take good care of it this time. Jewelry pieces are very valuable so once again, you have to regularly check your items to make sure they are in a good shape. You can also take your valuables to a trusted jeweler to perform periodic assessments right from a professional.

How to Design Engagement Rings in Houston

[Posted on August 6th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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A few simple guidelines for those who may be wanting to design their own engagement rings near Houston.

  1. Shop around first. Take a look at what is available and find a style both of you enjoy. Sometimes you may think a modern setting is what you are looking for, but after shopping you may realize a more vintage look is more your style. This also lets you determine appropriate sizes. While you may know your ring size you may need to find what width of ring you like. Some women in Houston, like the engagement rings to go from knuckle to knuckle and others like their ring to be simple and delicate. Not every ring looks good on every finger and not every woman wants the same thing on their finger.
  2. Know your budget. You may want to get something glitzy for your Houston honey’s engagement rings, but don’t do it at the expense of maxing out your credit card. Be realistic about your budget and plan your design accordingly. Learn about pricing of individual gems and why they can vary so much in price. Even the best arrangement can be ruined by a low grade gem as the centerpiece. Get an idea of what grade of gem you can afford and plan your design around that.
  3. Find an expert. Some of the best laid plans can go awry if the experts don’t weigh in. Some designs may need a few tweaks for it to be possible. Other designs may require a new concept to be doable. An expert will be able to let you know what is in the realm of reality and what will need to remain a fantasy. They will also be able to help plan what you have in mind with the budget you have in mind. By stating your wants and what you can afford they can often help design the perfect piece for your engagement rings.
  4. Be sure whoever is creating your ring has an excellent jewelry repair section near where you live, so if you live in Houston Texas make sure your jeweler is able to repair your new engagement rings in Houston. If they need to ship the ring it can often take quite a bit longer and you may end up waiting on an easy fix. They can also re-size the ring if necessary or tighten up stones that may become loose from wearing the ring all day.

In the end, take your time. Beautiful designs take thought and effort which cannot be done in a day. Be sure you are working with a company who knows what they’re doing and enjoy doing it. Find people who are as excited about your special day as you are. It may take time designing the engagement rings of your dreams, but remember, it will be the ring you see for the rest of your life.