Tips For Buying Custom Made Engagement Rings

Buying custom made engagement rings can be an exciting time for anyone who wants to propose soon.  They may be interested in getting linked up with the right custom made engagement rings that many people will love to see.  Be sure to work with a company that has experience creating engagement rings Dallas residents will love.  If you live in the area, you will want to learn a little more about how this process works.  Some people are often impressed that they can actually craft the perfect ring that suit your tastes.  Take a look at some of the design features you may be able to incorporate.

First, you may want to just get familiar with the Dickinson By Design company.  They are one of the best companies that can provide engagement rings buyers may want to get for themselves.  They have over 30 years of experience when it comes to crafting fine quality jewelry for many buyers out there.  Think about whether you may want to work with them to get the perfect custom made engagement rings.  They have a gallery of some of the different rings that they have produced in the past, which can help you decide which may be the right design for you.

When you purchase your ring through this provider, you may be able to get a wax casing made that can help you visualize your custom made engagement rings.  Think about how you may want to actually try on the wax replica before the real thing is made for you.  This can help you determine whether you may want to shift from a solitaire design to a three stone design soon.  Don’t be afraid to request some changes once you have seen the wax model.  You may decide that you want to integrate different kinds of metal or resize the ring to your own specifications.

Some people will be interested in learning whether they can get an antique replica designed for their custom made engagement rings.  You may have received an engagement ring owned by a deceased relative, which likely is very sentimental to you.  Think about whether you would like to have this company craft a custom made replica that bears some similarity to the original model.  This could create the perfect engagement ring that has a traditional look, but bears an original style a bride would love to wear for herself.

If you want to buy these custom made engagement rings, you will want to look at the catalog provided by this company.  Since they have many years of experience designing these rings, they can show you what you may be able to expect.  You could opt to incorporate some filigree or other component in to your ring design.  Just take a look at their gallery to get the inspiration that you may need.

Custom Made Engagement Rings Infographic

[Posted on November 15th 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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How the Diamond Cut Determines the Sparkle and Shine of Engagement Rings in Dallas

[Posted on November 5th 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Engagement rings in Dallas are supposed to sparkle and shine, but what determines how sparkly a diamond ring will be? While the clarity and color of the diamond impacts the sparkle, the biggest factor is how the diamond has been cut.

There are over a dozen different cuts for diamonds, but the following three are the most popular for use with diamonds for engagement rings. The following is a look at how each of the three popular diamond cuts can impact the brilliance and sparkle of the diamonds on an engagement ring.

The Shallow Cut

When people want the diamonds on their engagement rings in Dallas to appear larger than they really are, a shallow cut will be used. A shallow cut allows the diamond to be larger on top and taper off at the bottom, which gives the impression the diamond is larger and round.

Unfortunately, the shallow cut of impacts the brilliance of the diamond. The shallow cut of the diamond causes light to ‘leak’ out of the sides of the diamond, as opposed to the top. When the light leaks out of the sides it makes the diamond appear dull.

The Ideal Cut

Diamonds that have an eye-catching, breath-taking amount of sparkle and shine are often cut using the ideal cut. The ideal cut for diamonds is considered the premium and most preferred style of diamond cut for engagement rings in Dallas because it creates the most sparkle and shine.

An ideal cut is achieved by cutting the diamond into well-proportioned sections. The use of well-proportion sections allows the light to be easily reflected through the top of the diamond, which gives off an amazing sparkle and shine.

The Deep Cut

A deep cut on a diamond is when the bottom pointed part of the gemstone extends farther down, giving off a ‘deep’ appearance. Diamonds cut using this style often appear dull or muted. This is due to the fact the deep cut does not reflect light as easily as the other diamond cuts.

The inability of the deep cut diamond to reflect light properly and appear sparkly often means it will be cheaper than other diamond cuts. Individuals looking for cheaper or more cost-effective custom made engagement rings will often choose this diamond cut over the other options.

Other factors, in addition to the cut of the diamond, are used to determine the sparkle and shine of diamond engagement rings in Dallas. The diamond make, cut grade, symmetry, polish, and structure of the anatomy of the diamond all impact the brilliance or sparkle, but the biggest determining factor is the cut of the diamond.