Creating Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on January 21st, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Engagement rings can be the single most important piece of jewelry that anyone may buy, knowing where to find the perfect custom made engagement rings can help make anyone’s engagement perfect. Engagement rings are incredibly personal and without the right information, the right materials, and the right designer is the first step toward finding the right ring. There are a few different ways that users can utilize DBD Diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring for every wearer. Finding the perfect custom jewelry designer is the best way to get the right ring for you.

There are three different steps to creating the perfect custom made engagement rings. The first step is of course to choose the material and setting in which you will place your stone. The first step to any setting is of course to determine what metal you want to use. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and more are all options. Choosing the right metal can either limit or open up the possibilities when it comes to the right setting. Softer metals mean less elaborate settings while stronger metals mean that more elaborate work can be done and maintain the integrity of the setting.

With any custom made engagement rings, the setting is one of the most important features. The setting can make smaller stones seem larger, can make a stone look more beautiful, and can add interest to the ring overall. A setting can make the dullest stone look brilliant and can make the largest stone seem massive. Settings can add extra interest with baguette, flanking stones, and even colored stones to bring attention to the main stone. After choosing the setting, buyers can move on to decide just how much they want to spend, and what size stone they want.

The second step is of course choosing what size stone you want. This means choosing carat size, choosing price, range, and choosing what you really want in custom made engagement rings. The stone can make a huge difference in overall price, and can help users determine what a ring will look like when finished, and can even help to change the overall ring. Carat size can be anywhere from .25 carats to 5 or even bigger.

The last thing that anyone can choose when it comes to any custom made engagement rings is of course clarity and specifics of a stone. The clearer the stone, the higher the price and the value of the stone, the diamond clarity can affect the overall look and feel of the ring. Keeping in mind what ring you want and what clarity you want, buyers can make a ring that is worth thousands or even millions. Many designers, both online and in person will have plenty of tips when it comes to choosing the right elements of your special engagement ring. Keeping these three features in mind can help make the process of creating your custom ring far easier and more enjoyable.

Tips on Finding a Good Custom Jewelry Designer

[Posted on January 7th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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A custom jewelry designer is the best choice if you want a personal touch in designing your very own jewelry. Today’s modern times makes it easy for the average person to become a designer by use of simple software. However, you would not want to design your own jewelry since there are many aspects you need to consider, such as, the type of metal used, the design, will it be wearable and more. For instance, when shopping for custom made engagement rings,people often look or a variety of requirements, such as, years of experience, available price range and the expertise as a diamond engagement ring designer.  The custom jewelry designer should work with you to design a piece of jewelry that highlights your personality and sense of style.

A qualified jewelry designer should begin with a study of the individual gemstones to inspire a unique design and finish off with a signature and standard that produces a quality that endures. Choosing the right jewelry designer can prove a great challenge, especially in nearing deadlines; here are guidelines that will help you recognize the right jewelry designer for your specific need.

Look for a personal custom jewelry designer. Is the jeweler nice? Do they make you free and comfortable enough to interact with them? A personal jewelry designer is the kind that will go the extra mile to help you get what you really want. For example, if the jeweler does not have what you want now, he or she should commit enough to search for samples and show you at an agreed, later date.

Find a jeweler that you trust. How long has the jeweler been in business and what are the chances that the jeweler will still be in business at least five years from now? Can you trust the custom jewelry designer with your most valuable gemstones? Would you trust them to repair your inherited diamond ring?

Is the jeweler as good as they say? Ask yourself if the jeweler and the staff seem knowledgeable enough to entrust with your valuable pieces. Are they able to speak about different kind of settings or gems and their properties? Can they match the antique diamonds of a very specific piece? Find a jeweler that can actually make custom pieces of jewelry; one qualified enough to make a sketch that you drew on a napkin.

It is also important to find a jeweler skilled enough to repair your pieces. Find a Jeweler who will respect meaningful, sentimental jewelry. He or she should also treat your jewelry that needs repair with respect.