How is Dickinson by Design different from every other jewelry provider?

In this day and age people want the best information and the best products. It’s becoming harder to trick or “sell” this new era of savvy customers. DBD caters to exactly this kind of customer- the kind who wants the best deal at the highest quality.
The modern age is ushering in a new kind of customer – the kind who wants access to the best information and best services, and demands nothing less. We cater to this “savvy” customer. In this day and age it’s becoming easier and easier to get in the know about any industry, including the jewelry business.
We cater specifically to this kind of customer, the kind that will not accept being taken advantage of. Plenty of businesses are more than happy to continue to “sell” their products to the less wary customer.
Most customers these days continue to get their jewelry from retail stores. Going to a more direct source, like Dickinson by Design, provides higher quality at a lower price. Not only that, you have absolutley limitless options… the designs we showcase on the website are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, you can design your own from scratch, an easy process for even someone with no jewelry knowledge at all.
A few years ago, the average customer would have been stuck buying from a retail store with a limited selection. The times are a-changin’. Now customers are getting what they want – prices that actually match the quality of the products they are buying, along with optimal control of the process.
At Dickinson by Design, we are absolutely excited to start welcoming in these new savvier customers. Are you savvy though?









And yes… We do it all here.

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The Dazzling History of Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

If you’ve decided that custom made engagement rings are better than more traditional options, you’re in good company.  The tradition of personalized accessories is firmly rooted in human history; our curious and self-reflective species has long adorned itself with pieces of beauty, symbolism, and self-expression. Custom jewelry designers have the rare privilege of contributing one-of-a-kind heirlooms to future generations. At Dickinson by Design, we love crafting pieces that capture and celebrate our customers’ unique relationships, and we’re honored that so many couples trust us to tell their stories.  Custom made engagement rings have a history as old as love itself. Reader’s Digest offers a concise history of the diamond engagement ring, which follows its evolution from pre-historic

braided grass bindings — remnants of primitive civilizations — ,to highly customizable modern-day materials like the gems and metals in our own inventory. In fact, it was only recently that the human race concocted the idea of the engagement ring as we know it. 

We’ve helped many a woman feel like a princess with one of our custom diamond creations, so it’s no surprise that one of the very first custom made engagement rings played a role in royal history. Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who reigned over present-day Germany and other Roman territories, proposed to his future Queen in 1477 with a diamond “M” ring. A custom jewelry designer crafted the letter — which identified both himself and his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy — out of flat, thin pieces of diamond. 

In the 1800s, one Victorian jewelry custom touch actually involved spelling; creative types picked out gemstones according to the names of each stone, in an effort to spell out certain words or phrases with the first letter of each name. While it wasn’t readily apparent to the naked eye, it wasn’t unusual to spot a piece of diamond jewelry and associate it with the letter “D”, or to arrange one alongside an emerald, amethyst, and ruby for a “DEAR” loved one.

Credit actually belongs to a South African child for turning diamonds into the mainstream accessory they are today. According to the African diamond’s most common origin story, 15-year-old Erasmus Jacobs found a shiny stone clogging the pipes on his father’s river-side farm in 1867.  Until then, worldwide mining efforts yielded just a few pounds of naturally-occurring diamonds every year, from remote Brazilian jungles and Indian riverbeds. According to the Atlantic, this discovery led to the realization that Africa was packed with diamonds. Miners and investors flocked to the continent, and suddenly, an aristocratic luxury became a realistic addition to young couples’ lives. By the 1890s, the industry’s biggest trend began when mail-order catalogs began listing diamond engagement and wedding rings. We can customize almost everything about a ring, including cut, setting, band, and style. In recent years, cushion-cut diamonds have joined princess, emerald, and oval as popular alternatives to the classic round brilliant cut. And it might not be feasible to form your fiancée’s first initial with gems, but some gorgeous settings can bring out her personality. Unlike standard pronged and tension settings, pave and micro-pave settings really make rings sparkle with clusters of tiny, affordable diamonds around the main rock.  Who knows? In a century or two, current generations could be associated with brilliant, creative, and highly individual displays of love and commitment.  

Can a Custom Jewelry Designer Remake Your Vintage Jewelry?

[Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Everyone wants their engagement and their wedding to be special and memorable. This usually begins with the engagement ring. The engagement ring is the first step on this long journey of planning and having wedding. In the midst of planning how to propose and worrying over the ever present question of will she actually say yes, there is also the thought of how to make your engagement ring extra special? Using the skills of a custom jewelry designer can make these wishes a reality.

Many modern couples have already decided to get married before they ever choose an engagement ring. Most women know exactly what kind of ring they want so it is wiser to simply let them choose their own ring. One endearing tradition which many couples are trying out, is using the vintage ring, or  heirloom ring to create custom made engagement rings.

Using a vintage or heirloom ring to create your own custom made engagement ring is a great way to not only preserve a little of your family’s past, but to also make a very individualized fashion statement at the outset of your wedding journey. You are one of a kind so why shouldn’t your engagement ring be also? A custom jewelry designer can take your vintage piece of jewelry and either entirely restore it to its former glory, or add in new elements to make it a new piece of jewelry while still holding on to the beauty of its past.

There are a few things to consider when dealing with older jewelry, however. Some older pieces can present a lead hazard. The same safety precautions that are taken today, were not taken years ago. Before choosing to have a vintage ring repurposed for your engagement, have it tested for harmful amount of lead. You should also carefully think about how exactly you want the vintage piece of jewelry reset, or if you want it reset at all. A custom jewelry designer is trained in resetting stones, however, when dealing with older stones you always run the risk of damaging the stone when it is removed from its original setting. The jewelry designer cannot always verify the age of the stone they will be dealing with. You should just be aware that repurposing or resetting older jewelry does come with risks.

The safest route to reusing vintage or heirloom jewelry for your own engagement ring, is to not try to entirely remake the piece of jewelry. You will want to retain as much of the original beauty and elegance of the piece as possible. Also, the less you alter the piece, the less likely you are to destroy some vital element of it. You can speak with one of the helpful, trained jewelers at Dickinson by Design to discuss the options you might have with your chosen piece of vintage or heirloom jewelry. Dickinson by Design prides itself on the ability to make the ring you are dreaming of a beautiful reality.