About Us

Dickinson by Design is not a jewelry store. Since our inception in 2003 our one goal has been to be the preeminent comprehensive jewelry service provider.  Simply put, we make custom jewelry and perform expert jewelry repair under one roof and we strive to do this work as well as it can be done. We are responsive to the opportunities presented by the internet but not at the expense of traditional face to face interaction. We work hard to understand the evolving needs of the modern jewelry customer.

Having an ever increasingly educated consumer works to our advantage. Our client is not someone who can simply be “sold” but one who seeks value, quality, and expertise, from a single trusted provider, and at a price reflective of an efficient, no frills operation. This customer makes their own decisions and expects to be provided the necessary information to do so without pressure. The luxurious showrooms of yesteryear that bespoke of richness and success no longer serve as a substitute for accurate technical specifications, cost effective custom jewelry design alternatives and a team committed to creating a piece that precisely reflects the customer’s vision and budget.

Visit our facility and you will quickly understand our vision. In every room you will see the tools of our trade. From laser welders to wax mills, from an office dedicated to cad design to another where the precious gold and platinum dust from jewelry polishing is pulled into a central vacuum unit for recycling, the entire production process is shared and  celebrated as part of a truly unique and personal customer experience.

I have frequently been told that it is clear that we love what we do. At Dickinson by Design we do not house an opulent showroom of finished pieces or the large sales staff necessary to navigate it. Every client is individually assisted in a private meeting room by one or more of our trained technicians. Here the exact requirements for either jewelry repair, remake or custom jewelry design are carefully evaluated, options clearly laid out, and the most direct steps necessary to achieve the customer’s ultimate objectives are immediately set in motion. All gemstones are tested and their characteristics meticulously documented  to ensure the comfort, security and awareness for the client. All the work is subsequently completed in house, surprisingly quickly and affordably, by our team of seasoned jewelry specialists.