UltraFlex Power Technologies

John Dickinson uses Ultraflex Power Technologies and recommends it! 

To anyone looking for unbeatable value in a small to medium sized platinum casting alternative,

“For years I had been looking for a small low cost reliable platinum/palladium casting machine that would allow me to cast flasks of one or two pieces in an argon environment.  The Ultracast machine from Ultraflex power Technologies has proved to be exactly that machine.  We have been running the unit three to five times a week casting between one and  three flasks daily for approximately a year and a half with great results and no porosity.  Prior to the discovery of this machine I had been subject to the costs, the inevitable quality issues and logistical challenges of sending patterns to the larger casting houses.  The benefits of in house platinum casting are immediate and innumerable.
This machine is simple to set up and simple to use.  In my shop it has returned my investment several times over.  I highly recommend it!”


John D.
John Dickinson Sr.

Dickinson by Design, Inc.ultracast-casting-machine-showcaseultracast-casting-machine-showcase2ultracast-casting-machine-showcase3

Here is a link to the site:



Australian Black Opals

Design a piece of jewelry using fine black opals from the Australian Lighting Ridge mines. Check out this video to see the available opals:


View the Opal Video Here!

The video features three opal options to choose from. The opal is one of the most unique gemstones with it’s swirling, vibrant rainbow colors with a darkened essence. The opal is the national gemstone of Australia. october


The Ashoka Cut

The Ashoka Cut is a highly unusual diamond cut. The style will definitely set your ring apart among other engagement rings for it’s startling appearance- one that combines class with the daring. The Ashoka has a long rectangular shape with ends that are so faceted that they appear rounded. To create this particular cut requires […]

The Flash Ring!

As a custom design jewelry company it is often that we receive odd or unusual requests. Over the years we have had to develop some very unique jewelry designs. Of course, these are very often the funnest designs for us to make!

Only just recently, a customer came in requesting an engagement ring. Not too unusual request except for the fact that she wanted a superhero themed engagement ring!

“The Flash” Ring

kristina wilson6

The man to be proposed to happened to be a notorious “The Flash” fan, and our client knew that it would be the surest way to his heart. The ring was designed by Lead Designer Peter Langley, and it was, quote, “the favorite ring I’ve designed so far”. As a cool feature, the top of the ring pops up to reveal something that lies within: perhaps his very own Flash suit? And if you look closely at the shimmering gold, you can make out intricately designed circles around the thunderbolt in the middle.

The team at DBD would love to design more rings like this. Maybe we could even start our very own superhero line one day! We hear the Green Lantern actually wears a ring… though we can’t exactly promise that our rings will endow you with superpowers. Anyways, if you have your own idea for a ring like this one, feel free to send in a request!

The Ring From Various Angles  (CAD)

kristina wilson5

Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 5 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 4 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 3 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 2

kristina wilson5 kristina wilson4 kristina wilson3 kristina wilson2

Scout’s Honor Rescue Cuff Links

Scout’s Honor Rescue is an organization that rescues animals from the city pounds and streets of Houston. These rescued animals are provided shelter in foster homes until they can finally settle in permanent homes with loving owners. Cat and dog lovers can offer up their homes as “foster” locations, or they can volunteer to help with the Rescue team’s activities. Their website features a wide variety of beautiful animals looking for homes where they will properly and lovingly be cared for.


Dickinson by Design is proud to work with the people of Scout’s Honor by designing their Scout’s Honor Rescue cuff links. These cuff links were gifted in gratitude to certain supporters of the Rescue program. Cuff Links, pendants, and the like are an ideal way to show appreciation to employees, customers and supporters of your organization. Not only that, such items can be a way to nurture excitement and a real sense of belonging for both the giver and recipient. We have thoroughly enjoyed coordinating with the people of Scout’s Honor Rescue, and we greatly admire the work they do.


Cuff - Scounts honor - 1 Cuff - Scounts honor - 2 Cuff - Scounts honor - 3








Dickinson by Design performs similar design work for companies and organizations all over Houston. If you are looking to create similar luxury items customized with your company’s brand, Dickinson by Design is looking to do business with you. It is typical these days for employers and companies to provide their people with gifts – why not choose something a little more customized that conveys true appreciation?



Competitive Corporate Programs

Dickinson by Design is now providing Corporate Reward Programs for companies in Houston. Providing your employees with rewards and gifts is a great way to show them your genuine appreciation for their contributions. Getting something a little more customized goes a long way in setting you apart as an employer. A company is more than a business: it’s a place where meaningful and long lasting relationships are formed. To be an effective business requires healthy and strong relationships with the people you work with. 

Cuff links, pendants, tie clips, money clips, engravings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are just a few of the items we offer organizations and companies. These items can be ordered in bulk for many employees all at once, or can be customized for a single special event. We can engrave your company logo or motto onto any of these items, or we can provide programs that match rings and gifts according to the size of contribution or the amount of years worked at a company.


Specialty items don’t need to just be for employees. They can be for customers, benefactors, supporters, volunteers and friends. These gifts can go a long way in nurturing a genuine sense of family in an organization.


As custom jewelry designers, we are fully capable of making whatever adjustments to meet each unique client’s needs. For more information, simply email info@dbddiamonds.com or give us a call! (713) 789-4200

Wax Models of Rings to be Cast


Custom Cuff Links With Custom Engravings


We love Pinterest!

Pinterest is Dickinson by Design’s social media of choice. Ever since we’ve started to use Pinterest to showcase some of our best pieces, traffic to the site has increased and we’ve even had a few Pinterest-based conversions! We couldn’t be happier.

Pinterest also gives us an idea of which of our designs are especially attractive by the amount of attention they’re getting (likes, and repins). Here are a few of our most liked designs:

Baguette Princess Bar Set Ring



Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Yellow Gold



Three Stone Asher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring





We’ve gotten a lot of attention for these rings. And we think our Pinterest followers have excellent taste! Check out our Pinterest page to see more of our best designs and to see what other people like! DBD Pinterest

Beach Wedding for Newlyweds Dayton and Chrissy Root

Newlyweds Dayton and Chrissy Root had an absolutely breathtaking wedding as is evidenced by the beautiful photos that were taken. They truly make an amazing couple.







These newlyweds strike us as people who enjoy the best in quality – in love, in weddings and of course, in jewelry.








Dickinson by Design was happy to provide the ring. Just look at that beauty! Sorry… we’re a little proud.





Picnic Proposal at Discovery Green







Isaac Whitley needed the perfect ring for the perfect proposal. We provided the ring, and he planned out the perfect spot to pop the big question: Discovery Green, one of the most beautiful spots in Houston.

whitley ring







It’s obvious by the pictures that the couple has a lot of love and passion for one another. I would say more, but the look on her face says it all, and more.


Thank you for all the help! Here are some pictures of the proposal… She said YES by the way!!!!







Of course she did. We wish these newlyweds the best. All of us can only hope to experience this kind of love in these lives of our own.


Pictures by Michael Ramos Photography

How is Dickinson by Design different from every other jewelry provider?

In this day and age people want the best information and the best products. It’s becoming harder to trick or “sell” this new era of savvy customers. DBD caters to exactly this kind of customer- the kind who wants the best deal at the highest quality.
The modern age is ushering in a new kind of customer – the kind who wants access to the best information and best services, and demands nothing less. We cater to this “savvy” customer. In this day and age it’s becoming easier and easier to get in the know about any industry, including the jewelry business.
We cater specifically to this kind of customer, the kind that will not accept being taken advantage of. Plenty of businesses are more than happy to continue to “sell” their products to the less wary customer.
Most customers these days continue to get their jewelry from retail stores. Going to a more direct source, like Dickinson by Design, provides higher quality at a lower price. Not only that, you have absolutley limitless options… the designs we showcase on the website are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, you can design your own from scratch, an easy process for even someone with no jewelry knowledge at all.
A few years ago, the average customer would have been stuck buying from a retail store with a limited selection. The times are a-changin’. Now customers are getting what they want – prices that actually match the quality of the products they are buying, along with optimal control of the process.
At Dickinson by Design, we are absolutely excited to start welcoming in these new savvier customers. Are you savvy though?









And yes… We do it all here.

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