The Dazzling History of Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

If you’ve decided that custom made engagement rings are better than more traditional options, you’re in good company.  The tradition of personalized accessories is firmly rooted in human history; our curious and self-reflective species has long adorned itself with pieces of beauty, symbolism, and self-expression. Custom jewelry designers have the rare privilege of contributing one-of-a-kind heirlooms to future generations. At Dickinson by Design, we love crafting pieces that capture and celebrate our customers’ unique relationships, and we’re honored that so many couples trust us to tell their stories.  Custom made engagement rings have a history as old as love itself. Reader’s Digest offers a concise history of the diamond engagement ring, which follows its evolution from pre-historic

braided grass bindings — remnants of primitive civilizations — ,to highly customizable modern-day materials like the gems and metals in our own inventory. In fact, it was only recently that the human race concocted the idea of the engagement ring as we know it. 

We’ve helped many a woman feel like a princess with one of our custom diamond creations, so it’s no surprise that one of the very first custom made engagement rings played a role in royal history. Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who reigned over present-day Germany and other Roman territories, proposed to his future Queen in 1477 with a diamond “M” ring. A custom jewelry designer crafted the letter — which identified both himself and his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy — out of flat, thin pieces of diamond. 

In the 1800s, one Victorian jewelry custom touch actually involved spelling; creative types picked out gemstones according to the names of each stone, in an effort to spell out certain words or phrases with the first letter of each name. While it wasn’t readily apparent to the naked eye, it wasn’t unusual to spot a piece of diamond jewelry and associate it with the letter “D”, or to arrange one alongside an emerald, amethyst, and ruby for a “DEAR” loved one.

Credit actually belongs to a South African child for turning diamonds into the mainstream accessory they are today. According to the African diamond’s most common origin story, 15-year-old Erasmus Jacobs found a shiny stone clogging the pipes on his father’s river-side farm in 1867.  Until then, worldwide mining efforts yielded just a few pounds of naturally-occurring diamonds every year, from remote Brazilian jungles and Indian riverbeds. According to the Atlantic, this discovery led to the realization that Africa was packed with diamonds. Miners and investors flocked to the continent, and suddenly, an aristocratic luxury became a realistic addition to young couples’ lives. By the 1890s, the industry’s biggest trend began when mail-order catalogs began listing diamond engagement and wedding rings. We can customize almost everything about a ring, including cut, setting, band, and style. In recent years, cushion-cut diamonds have joined princess, emerald, and oval as popular alternatives to the classic round brilliant cut. And it might not be feasible to form your fiancée’s first initial with gems, but some gorgeous settings can bring out her personality. Unlike standard pronged and tension settings, pave and micro-pave settings really make rings sparkle with clusters of tiny, affordable diamonds around the main rock.  Who knows? In a century or two, current generations could be associated with brilliant, creative, and highly individual displays of love and commitment.  

Can a Custom Jewelry Designer Remake Your Vintage Jewelry?

[Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Everyone wants their engagement and their wedding to be special and memorable. This usually begins with the engagement ring. The engagement ring is the first step on this long journey of planning and having wedding. In the midst of planning how to propose and worrying over the ever present question of will she actually say yes, there is also the thought of how to make your engagement ring extra special? Using the skills of a custom jewelry designer can make these wishes a reality.

Many modern couples have already decided to get married before they ever choose an engagement ring. Most women know exactly what kind of ring they want so it is wiser to simply let them choose their own ring. One endearing tradition which many couples are trying out, is using the vintage ring, or  heirloom ring to create custom made engagement rings.

Using a vintage or heirloom ring to create your own custom made engagement ring is a great way to not only preserve a little of your family’s past, but to also make a very individualized fashion statement at the outset of your wedding journey. You are one of a kind so why shouldn’t your engagement ring be also? A custom jewelry designer can take your vintage piece of jewelry and either entirely restore it to its former glory, or add in new elements to make it a new piece of jewelry while still holding on to the beauty of its past.

There are a few things to consider when dealing with older jewelry, however. Some older pieces can present a lead hazard. The same safety precautions that are taken today, were not taken years ago. Before choosing to have a vintage ring repurposed for your engagement, have it tested for harmful amount of lead. You should also carefully think about how exactly you want the vintage piece of jewelry reset, or if you want it reset at all. A custom jewelry designer is trained in resetting stones, however, when dealing with older stones you always run the risk of damaging the stone when it is removed from its original setting. The jewelry designer cannot always verify the age of the stone they will be dealing with. You should just be aware that repurposing or resetting older jewelry does come with risks.

The safest route to reusing vintage or heirloom jewelry for your own engagement ring, is to not try to entirely remake the piece of jewelry. You will want to retain as much of the original beauty and elegance of the piece as possible. Also, the less you alter the piece, the less likely you are to destroy some vital element of it. You can speak with one of the helpful, trained jewelers at Dickinson by Design to discuss the options you might have with your chosen piece of vintage or heirloom jewelry. Dickinson by Design prides itself on the ability to make the ring you are dreaming of a beautiful reality.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Shopping for Engagement Rings in Dallas

[Posted on March 12th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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You don’t have to travel to California to find a ring with star quality; engagement rings in Dallas include some of the jewelry industry’s most valuable and beautiful options. While budget is a factor in any big gift purchase, your recipient’s personality has never mattered more. Not only should her ring look stunning and natural on her finger, it should also symbolize how well you know her.

Start with Style

Shopping for engagement rings in Dallas, TX — or anywhere else, for that matter — doesn’t get much easier than Dickinson by Design’s interactive EZ Ring Builder. Our customization tool lets you visualize different combinations of options, from metal type to stone clarity. But if you haven’t settled on the essential details — cut, style, and carat size — don’t overwhelm yourself with nuances like accent stones or brilliance just yet.

GQ gives simplified advice for finding the perfect engagement ring, breaking the style choices down into three main categories: traditional, vintage and custom. Consider more than just her personal style; when trying to narrow down your choices, remember the abstract too. For example, why did you fall in love with her? If her classic beauty won you over, a traditional ring will complement it well; if she’s unlike anyone you’ve ever met, you already know she deserves a one-of-a-kind custom ring.

The choices don’t stop at style. Our extensive gallery of vintage rings is proof that it’s only one step toward the ring of her dreams.

Find the Right Cut

Engagement rings in Houston and Dallas may not end up on glossy magazine covers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from real-life Hollywood glamor. According to Martha Stewart Weddings — the magazine that got exclusive access to Blake Lively’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds — cuts go even farther than settings in determining a diamond ring’s complete effect.

Rings often take front and center in famous romances; diamond close-ups are among the few paparazzi shots that stay relevant for years, because no matter how long a relationship lasts, future engagement rings are always judged by comparison. While that often means carat size, celebrity jewelers rely increasingly on cut to set their custom creations apart.

When NBA star Dwayne Wade proposed to actress Gabrielle Union, the multi-talented duo chose a square cushion-cut diamond on a platinum band, with soft lines and antique appeal. Brad Pitt didn’t stop at a custom setting for unconventional superstar Angelina Jolie; their jeweler actually crafted an emerald cut specifically for her hand.

From pear and oval shapes to cushion and princess cuts, engagement rings in Dallas take many forms. You don’t have to go bankrupt to make an unforgettable choice; if you know someone well enough to marry them, you might find you know the right ring when you see it.


5 Tips to Find the Right Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on February 25th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Are you considering popping the question and are shopping for custom made engagement rings. Buying a ring that is custom made is the perfect way to let the person know just how much they mean to you. However, there are a few tips you will want to keep in mind to help you to get the best results.


1. Choose Your Custom Jewelry Designer Carefully

This should be the first thing you do, because this will determine the overall quality of the ring that you end up purchasing. You want to make sure that they have many options to choose from and that the final result is what you want it to be. You should be able to see examples of other rings the company has done to understand what they can offer with your custom made engagement rings.


2. Think About the Person You are Buying for

This is the best way to ensure that they will love the engagement ring you buy. You should think about their favorite stones, cuts and personal style. You may want to go with something that is personal to the two of you, as this can help to add an additional romantic touch when buying custom made engagement rings.


3. Understand the Time Frame

While you obviously will not be able to walk out of the jeweler’s that day with the ring, you want to make sure that you know how long it will take to have the ring completed. This is important because you do not want to make plans to propose and then do not have the ring with you when you go to do it.


4. Get a Decent Price

While you will be putting down a good chunk of money when shopping for custom made engagement rings, it is important that you do not overpay. You want to shop around with the best jewelers in your area to find the one that will give you the high quality engagement ring you are looking for at a good price. This can help you to save money that can go to the perfect wedding.


5. Know What You are Looking for Before You Go

You should have the ring imagined in your mind before you start shopping. This is important because you want to make sure that you get just what you are looking for. If you wait until you see the jeweler you may find that they try to push you into something that you do not really want to have.


There are many reasons to choose custom made engagement rings when you are planning to propose. This is one of the biggest days of your life and there is nothing that commemorates the special love you share than something that is designed specifically for the one you love. It will be something they cherish forever.

Use a Custom Jewelry Designer to Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

[Posted on February 11th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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There may be no better way to express your love and devotion than utilizing a custom jewelry designer to help you create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life. When you employ a knowledgeable jewelry designer to work with you on an anniversary piece or even custom made engagement rings, you are creating a beautiful memory for you and your loved one to enjoy.

Creating a Gift from the Heart

Studies have shown that the act of gift giving can actually offer positive psychological benefits. That means that you can help create a beautiful design with the help of a custom jewelry designer and bring joy to both your loved one and yourself. From birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between, a unique gift like a custom made ring, can be a wonderful way to treat and honor the most important person in your life.

Benefits of Working With a Custom Jewelry Designer

You may know your loved one better than anyone else in the world but not necessarily know what to do when it comes to finding the right piece of jewelry. When you turn to a professional jewelry designer for help they can guide you through the process expertly. Whether you know the exact type of stone your giftee will love or you only know their favorite color, we can work with you to create the perfect piece of jewelry every time.

We will work with you through every step of the jewelry making process. During the initial consultation we will work to get as much information from you as possible including stone types and sizes, the type of materials wanted, lengths, colors and even the type of clasps you would like. From there you will be consulted on the preliminary design and finally the finished product to make sure that everything is just right.

A Perfect Beginning

One the more popular options we see when working with clients is our work in custom made engagement rings. There is no better way to show how much you love someone than beginning your life together with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Many modern brides have been dreaming of the perfect engagement ring for years and want to be in on the process to get it just right. From there we often work with clients to create the perfect wedding band set to compliment the engagement ring.

Aside from diamonds being a great investment they are also the most coveted gem for any ring. We will work with you to find the best diamond cuts and quality for your engagement ring design. Whatever the occasion, the team at DBD Diamonds is ready to work with you to get the best results. We are happy to help create the perfect piece of jewelry for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings and more.

Creating Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on January 21st, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Engagement rings can be the single most important piece of jewelry that anyone may buy, knowing where to find the perfect custom made engagement rings can help make anyone’s engagement perfect. Engagement rings are incredibly personal and without the right information, the right materials, and the right designer is the first step toward finding the right ring. There are a few different ways that users can utilize DBD Diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring for every wearer. Finding the perfect custom jewelry designer is the best way to get the right ring for you.

There are three different steps to creating the perfect custom made engagement rings. The first step is of course to choose the material and setting in which you will place your stone. The first step to any setting is of course to determine what metal you want to use. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and more are all options. Choosing the right metal can either limit or open up the possibilities when it comes to the right setting. Softer metals mean less elaborate settings while stronger metals mean that more elaborate work can be done and maintain the integrity of the setting.

With any custom made engagement rings, the setting is one of the most important features. The setting can make smaller stones seem larger, can make a stone look more beautiful, and can add interest to the ring overall. A setting can make the dullest stone look brilliant and can make the largest stone seem massive. Settings can add extra interest with baguette, flanking stones, and even colored stones to bring attention to the main stone. After choosing the setting, buyers can move on to decide just how much they want to spend, and what size stone they want.

The second step is of course choosing what size stone you want. This means choosing carat size, choosing price, range, and choosing what you really want in custom made engagement rings. The stone can make a huge difference in overall price, and can help users determine what a ring will look like when finished, and can even help to change the overall ring. Carat size can be anywhere from .25 carats to 5 or even bigger.

The last thing that anyone can choose when it comes to any custom made engagement rings is of course clarity and specifics of a stone. The clearer the stone, the higher the price and the value of the stone, the diamond clarity can affect the overall look and feel of the ring. Keeping in mind what ring you want and what clarity you want, buyers can make a ring that is worth thousands or even millions. Many designers, both online and in person will have plenty of tips when it comes to choosing the right elements of your special engagement ring. Keeping these three features in mind can help make the process of creating your custom ring far easier and more enjoyable.

Tips on Finding a Good Custom Jewelry Designer

[Posted on January 7th, 2014 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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A custom jewelry designer is the best choice if you want a personal touch in designing your very own jewelry. Today’s modern times makes it easy for the average person to become a designer by use of simple software. However, you would not want to design your own jewelry since there are many aspects you need to consider, such as, the type of metal used, the design, will it be wearable and more. For instance, when shopping for custom made engagement rings,people often look or a variety of requirements, such as, years of experience, available price range and the expertise as a diamond engagement ring designer.  The custom jewelry designer should work with you to design a piece of jewelry that highlights your personality and sense of style.

A qualified jewelry designer should begin with a study of the individual gemstones to inspire a unique design and finish off with a signature and standard that produces a quality that endures. Choosing the right jewelry designer can prove a great challenge, especially in nearing deadlines; here are guidelines that will help you recognize the right jewelry designer for your specific need.

Look for a personal custom jewelry designer. Is the jeweler nice? Do they make you free and comfortable enough to interact with them? A personal jewelry designer is the kind that will go the extra mile to help you get what you really want. For example, if the jeweler does not have what you want now, he or she should commit enough to search for samples and show you at an agreed, later date.

Find a jeweler that you trust. How long has the jeweler been in business and what are the chances that the jeweler will still be in business at least five years from now? Can you trust the custom jewelry designer with your most valuable gemstones? Would you trust them to repair your inherited diamond ring?

Is the jeweler as good as they say? Ask yourself if the jeweler and the staff seem knowledgeable enough to entrust with your valuable pieces. Are they able to speak about different kind of settings or gems and their properties? Can they match the antique diamonds of a very specific piece? Find a jeweler that can actually make custom pieces of jewelry; one qualified enough to make a sketch that you drew on a napkin.

It is also important to find a jeweler skilled enough to repair your pieces. Find a Jeweler who will respect meaningful, sentimental jewelry. He or she should also treat your jewelry that needs repair with respect.

Engagement Rings in Dallas – 3 Trends to Consider

[Posted on December 26th 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Purchasing engagement rings in Dallas is a big step for any couple. With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right? These four trends — some as big as Texas itself! — are the perfect way to get started in finding your ultimate engagement ring.

#1: Large Center Stones

The old saying that “everything is bigger in Texas” certainly is true when it comes to buying engagement rings in Dallas. A recent survey by popular fashion magazine, Lucky, found that locals are spending just as much on a large center stone as couples in New York and Los Angeles.

So, what exact gem size is appropriate? This will ultimately depend on a couple’s budget and individual tastes. However, many are opting for a large and flashy stone that will turn heads. The exact shape of the diamond also varies. The classic round-cut diamond is eternally popular; while princess-cut and emerald-cut styles are also considered a noticeable trend.

#2: Pave Bands

Pave bands are also quite popular with Texan couples. This style includes a large center stone (see above) surrounded by tons of smaller sparkling gems around the actual band of the ring itself. This beautiful design easily catches in the light, creating a stunning look that any bride-to-be would adore.

(One important note to remember about pave bands is that they can be difficult to resize. A custom jeweler can often create a design that offers the look of pave with a bit more flexibility for change down the road.)

#3: Decorative Bands

As an alternative to pave, decorative bands are also quite popular with local brides. Often, these styles mimic the ornate filigree designs of Victorian-era and/or antique rings. If a piece is custom made, it can include symbols or images unique to the couple. (Examples include Celtic knots, certain family symbols, flowers, engraving, etc.) In some cases, side stones or smaller gemstones including sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are added to the decorative band for an extra pop of color.

#4: Side Stones

Engagement rings that have side stones are also quite sought after in Dallas. This look can include smaller diamonds next to a large center stone and/or colored gems. The shape is usually similar to the larger stone, but can also include trillion-cut or baguette-cut diamonds.

Dickinson By Design is a custom jewelry designer offering pendants, bracelets, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, and engagement rings in Dallas. Please contact them today for more information about finding your perfect fine jewelry piece.

Why Working with a Custom Jewelry Designer Is the Best Option

[Posted on December 3rd 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Sometimes the piece of jewelry you are dreaming of proves impossible to find. Maybe you like the band on one ring, the stone on another, and the detailing on the next. Perhaps you prefer the idea of having a one-of-a-kind custom necklace that no one else is wearing. Maybe you want your engagement ring to be a reflection of how you feel. These are just a few of the reasons why working with a custom jewelry designer maybe your best option. Below are a few of the most popular reasons people have customized jewelry created:

A Personalized Gift Idea

Jewelry is a popular gift idea for special occasions, birthdays, engagements, and holidays and it may feel more heartfelt if it is designed by a custom jewelry designer. If your loved one has a favorite stone, a favorite color, a favorite material, or if you want to design a piece of jewelry that represents a personal aspect of your relationship with your loved one you can do so with customized jewelry. You can even add hidden inscriptions or hidden compartments to add to your pieces charm.

Captures Your Sense of Style

When you find a designer whose signature work is complementary to your taste and style, you may want to take things a step further with a custom piece. Even if you love their style you may not want to be limited to their mass market selections and can participate in having them design you a custom piece.  Or maybe you can’t find a piece that captures your sense of style, so you have a piece designed that has everything you are looking for.

Redesign a Family Heirloom

Heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation and something you want to keep in your family for years to come. Even if the heirloom has sentimental value for you and your family it may not be a piece you are likely to wear. Perhaps you have an heirloom that has many stones and you want to find a way to break it up for several family members to share. Whatever your reason may be, an experienced designer can take your heirloom and craft it into a piece, or several pieces, that you will wear and enjoy.

Create Jewelry Out of Unique Stones and Materials

What if you have an element that is not often used to make jewelry, but you see that it has potential to become a unique piece? If you find yourself wanting something untraditional made into a unique piece of jewelry you can acquire a jewelry designer to craft something for you.

More Options to Choose From

When you shop in a jewelry store you are limited to mainstream styles, but when you have a custom design the possibilities are endless. Even if you are not particularly artsy or creative, a jewelry designer will help you create a piece that has all of things you love most. You can order stones in sizes and colors to match your favorite pieces and you can make your jewelry of metals and materials that are less typical.

To maximize your investment, have your jewelry custom designed in order to ensure your piece has everything you desire and that it is a piece you will enjoy for years to come.

Tips For Buying Custom Made Engagement Rings

Buying custom made engagement rings can be an exciting time for anyone who wants to propose soon.  They may be interested in getting linked up with the right custom made engagement rings that many people will love to see.  Be sure to work with a company that has experience creating engagement rings Dallas residents will love.  If you live in the area, you will want to learn a little more about how this process works.  Some people are often impressed that they can actually craft the perfect ring that suit your tastes.  Take a look at some of the design features you may be able to incorporate.

First, you may want to just get familiar with the Dickinson By Design company.  They are one of the best companies that can provide engagement rings buyers may want to get for themselves.  They have over 30 years of experience when it comes to crafting fine quality jewelry for many buyers out there.  Think about whether you may want to work with them to get the perfect custom made engagement rings.  They have a gallery of some of the different rings that they have produced in the past, which can help you decide which may be the right design for you.

When you purchase your ring through this provider, you may be able to get a wax casing made that can help you visualize your custom made engagement rings.  Think about how you may want to actually try on the wax replica before the real thing is made for you.  This can help you determine whether you may want to shift from a solitaire design to a three stone design soon.  Don’t be afraid to request some changes once you have seen the wax model.  You may decide that you want to integrate different kinds of metal or resize the ring to your own specifications.

Some people will be interested in learning whether they can get an antique replica designed for their custom made engagement rings.  You may have received an engagement ring owned by a deceased relative, which likely is very sentimental to you.  Think about whether you would like to have this company craft a custom made replica that bears some similarity to the original model.  This could create the perfect engagement ring that has a traditional look, but bears an original style a bride would love to wear for herself.

If you want to buy these custom made engagement rings, you will want to look at the catalog provided by this company.  Since they have many years of experience designing these rings, they can show you what you may be able to expect.  You could opt to incorporate some filigree or other component in to your ring design.  Just take a look at their gallery to get the inspiration that you may need.