Custom Made Engagement Rings in History

[Posted on June 18th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Common among today’s celebrities, custom made engagement rings have long held a place in history.  Although the diamond is the traditional symbol of love, many custom rings are made using other gems and a variety of metals.

Roman Engagements

The Romans were the first to adopt the custom of wearing engagement rings, according to eHow.  Based on a belief from Egypt that veins in the third finger of the left hand went straight to the heart, the Romans wore the ring on that finger.  They customized engagement rings by engraving them.

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, people referred to engagement rings as bond or Gimmel rings. The standard rings had no stones and were designed as two clasped hands.

Wealthier individuals purchased custom made engagement rings with colorful gems like sapphires and emeralds. The richest buyers added a diamond, which as the hardest stone became a symbol of eternal love.

De Beers Jewellery says that in 1477, the Archduke Maximillian presented the first recorded engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy, whose father was Charles the Bold. This introduced the practice of customizing rings with love messages written in jewels, a tradition probably linked not only to romantic sentiments, but also to the prospective groom’s status.

18th and 19th Centuries

In the 18th century, a variety of betrothal rings were popular.  According to Ring Envy, the diamond came into its own due to the discovery of vast deposits in Brazil and other parts of South America. This made the stones affordable to far more purchasers.

De Beers indicates that custom made engagement rings were particularly popular, due in part to improved cutting techniques that made diamonds dazzle in the light. Many rings had romantic themes created by custom arrangements of love knots and bows, love birds, twin hearts with crowns and messages spelled with diamonds.

The discovery of diamond deposits in South Africa in the 19th century led to greater availability of this stone. The use of a single stone in engagement rings became popular. According to the Reader’s Digest, 1886 marked the introduction of the Tiffany setting. However, some purchasers added birthstones or gemstones to customize rings, eHow says.

Modern Rings

The current trend to consider engagement rings fashion statements in addition to tokens of love began in the 20th century.  When it comes to customization, the saying that anything goes summarizes the materials and designs a purchaser might select from a custom jewelry designer.

Fans have come to associate modern celebrity marriages with custom made engagement rings. CNN reports that when Nick Cannon proposed to singer Mariah Carey, he gave her a custom ring featuring a 17-carat, emerald-cut pink diamond with 58 smaller pink diamonds.

Perhaps the most famous contemporary engagement ring was the 18-carat ring Britain’s Prince Charles gave Diana Spencer.  The custom ring remained in the Royal Family after her death and again made the news when Prince William presented it to Kate Middleton to mark their engagement.

Whether the design or the materials are unique, custom engagement rings always mean something very special to those who receive them.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Choosing the Right Rings

[Posted on June 4th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Choosing the right vintage engagement rings is a unique process. You want to choose just the right set that will be a reminder of your wedding day for years to come. When looking at vintage rings one of the first things you must do is determine a budget. Rings can get quite expensive, especially if you choose to go with a vintage or antique style design. There are several things to consider when deciding exactly what type of engagement ring you want to purchase.

Metals – Platinum engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Gold, white gold and silver are still the mainstays, but more and more people are looking to platinum for its versatility. The type of metal used in the construction of the ring must reflect the future bride’s personality and overall style. Platinum is one of the most durable of all metals, with sterling silver being one of the weakest. White gold is an affordable alternative to platinum that is very durable and will hold its shape for years to come.

Stones – Precious stones also are a big decision in vintage rings. Vintage style rings combine various settings from halo to solitaire to diamond accented. Some brides may prefer to have no stones at all. Diamonds are not the only stones that can be placed in vintage engagement rings. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires have also been used. Settings can be altered and changed depending on the cut of the stones being used. The cut, clarity and size of the stones must also be given consideration.

Styles – There are several styles of engagement rings to choose from. Varying sizes and shapes including the traditional sized bands can all be found in vintage style rings. Vintage rings have a very unique quality that normal rings just cannot do justice. They can be intricately designed and often very ornate and highly detailed. The style of ring chosen for a couple’s engagement and wedding must be carefully chosen. For the bride the style of the ring can represent tradition and hope for the future.

Personality – Vintage engagement rings must be a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality and commitment to one another. These rings will be a symbol of their love, devotion and reliance on one another for decades to come. Each person’s individual personality should be distinct and embraced within the design of each ring. Whether the person chooses to purchase a vintage ring or design one following the vintage theme, the ring should represent both the bride and groom’s distinctive personalities.

Engagement rings are the first large purchase many couples make as a team. Having prepared a budget and taking into consideration all of the information they know about their future partners, the decision making process can begin. If the couple chooses vintage engagement rings, they must put a lot of thought and effort into which rings are the right ones for them.

You will never go out of style with vintage engagement rings

[Posted on May 20th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

Choosing an engagement ring for that special someone can be a tough choice. There are many factors to be considered when shopping for a ring, many of which must be mulled over again and again before a final choice is made. The ring should, of course, reflect the taste of the person who will be wearing it. It should be timelessly beautiful and classic, while simultaneously blending seamlessly with the wearer’s personal style. There are many options available to amorous paramours seeking that special ring that will make their love’s eyes light up. Jewelry stores sell a variety of classical engagement rings as well as trendy rings that are presently in style. Many of these same stores also offer the option of having a unique ring created just for the occasion. Another option, one which has recently seen immense interest from professional jewelry buyers and novices alike, is purchasing vintage engagement rings.

The Appeal of Vintage Jewelry

There is much to be said for the purchase and display of vintage jewelry. Handcrafted pieces dating back to eras past are often skillfully made and designed in a classically ageless style that will remain beautiful. From another standpoint, some vintage engagement rings are designed in the style of their era, a relic from when trends may have been very different. For some brides to be, the appeal of a vintage ring styled in the unique fashion of a different time period is an ideal accessory- it sets her ring apart from the crowd, making her feel unique and special. When someone already enjoys vintage culture, apparel and accessories, choosing a style of vintage engagement ring that appeals to her particular predilections will be an appreciated gesture that fits well with her personality and wardrobe.

More Reasons Vintage Jewelry is Appealing

Beyond the timeless style and classical appeal of vintage jewelry, particularly vintage engagement rings, there are other reasons why many suitors are leaning towards a vintage purchase when looking for that perfect ring. While exceptionally fancy vintage jewelry can be very expensive, vintage jewels in general are less expensive than buying a brand new ring from a jeweler and much less expensive than having a ring crafted. Seeking out a vintage jewelry dealer who is also an accredited jeweler can provide a shopper with a wide variety of reasonably priced options. In many cases, the jeweler may know something about the back story of the ring, making it an even more interesting and novel choice for a proposal. In this sense, the person proposing is offering not only a ring, but a piece of history as well.

Important Considerations when Purchasing a Vintage Engagement Ring

Purchasing a vintage engagement ring is a stylistically and financially conscious prospect for any hopeful suitor, but in doing so, they must be careful to work only with reputable jewelry dealers, having the piece appropriately appraised. It is imperative that the person selling the jewelry be an accredited jeweler, and highly recommended that before purchasing a ring, the purchaser have an unaffiliated appraiser examine the ring and determine its worth. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a beautiful ring, only to find out that it was only a piece of costume jewelry.

As an accredited jeweler, the salesperson should be able to either clean and polish the piece for the purchaser at an additional fee or tell them how to do so without damaging the piece so that it looks perfect when given and can be well maintained for years to come.
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Deciding on Princess Cut Engagement Rings

[Posted on May 6th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

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Quite simply, princess cut engagement rings are an excellent choice. When looked at from above, a princess cut gem is square or rectangular and its corners are pointed. After the ever-popular round brilliant cut, it’s the most popular cut for a diamond. The princess cut was created in the 1960s as the technology of gem cutting evolved. Because its corners are left intact, a princess cut stone weighs more than a round stone that has the same diameter, yet it’s less expensive. Unlike the brilliant cut, which always has 58 facets no matter how big the diamond is, there’s no one standard for a princess cut gem.

The facets in the princess cut engagement rings gems are made by chevrons; the more chevrons the stone has, the more facets it has. A princess cut gem with many chevrons and facets has the sparkling and sought-after look of crushed ice.


Diamonds are, of course, the most popular gems chosen for princess cut engagement rings. Diamonds are judged by the Four C’s: their cut, their clarity, their color, and their carat. The simplest measure, carat is a measure of the diamond’s weight. Clarity refers to any flaws the diamond has. Some reputable jewelers won’t sell diamonds that aren’t at least eye-clean, which means their flaws can’t be seen by the naked eye. It’s very rare for a diamond to be completely flawless.

It’s also unusual for a diamond to be completely colorless. Most diamonds have a tiny bit of color even if it can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, some people prefer strongly colored diamonds. These diamonds can come in colors like pink, red, blue, green, and even black and brown. They might even cost more than regular diamonds due to their rarity.

Other stones that make perfectly good princess cut engagement rings are sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, and emeralds.


Princess cut gems are most often put in prong settings to show them off, as the prongs lift the gemstone above the band. Another popular setting is a halo setting, where the gemstone is surrounded by a band. The band is sometimes set with pave jewels. These jewels are tiny and packed very closely together like pavers in a road. The princess cut gem can also have side stones, which are smaller stones on either side of it. They might also be princess cut or cut in different shapes like round brilliant or cushion.


Engagement ring bands can be made out of gold, platinum, or other metals. Gold is never used in its pure form because it’s too soft. Gold is alloyed with other metals. These metals not only give the gold strength, but give it its color. White gold is alloyed with metals like copper, zinc, and palladium and then plated with rhodium. Rose and yellow gold are alloyed with copper. Jewelry quality gold is usually sold in 14 and 18 or karats. At 14 karats, the band will be 58.5% pure gold and at 18 karats the band will be 75% pure gold.

Platinum, on the other hand, is a naturally silver colored metal and doesn’t need to be plated. It’s also strong enough not to need to be alloyed with other metals. When it begins to fade, it can easily be polished. A platinum ring is usually 900 sterling, which means there are 900 parts of pure platinum per 1000. A platinum band is also heavier and more expensive than an 18K gold band of the same size.

A princess cut engagement ring is a thing of beauty that will last a lifetime.

Your Loved Ones Deserve a Custom Jewelry Designer

[Posted on April 15th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

As unique and special as your loved one is, a piece of custom jewelry is an ideal gift to reflect their distinctive personality. A Custom Jewelry Designer will work with you to tailor an exceptionally designed piece to incorporate the facets of their personality for a truly one of kind expression of your love and devotion.

The Appeal of Custom Design

Occasions such as marriage, the birth of a child, or a graduation are popular occasions for conferring with trained artisans to commission a custom designed piece of jewelry. Other significant events to commemorate may perhaps encompass a quincinera, sixteenth birthday, or other milestones. Whatever the occasion, a Custom Jewelry Designer can specially create a treasure to honor the occasion.

Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary

An item most often evoked by the term “custom designed jewelry” is an engagement or wedding ring. Indeed, couples can express personal style in harmony with their dreams for a lasting lifetime commitment to their partner with the imaginative design of a custom engagement ring or wedding band. An inscription added to each member of the wedding set affirms the couple’s vow.

Anniversaries are equally momentous events in a couple’s lifetime commitment. Whether choosing a brooch to showcase the semiprecious pebbles collected on the beach or a fiery golden topaz to replicate the golden sunrise over the water, a handcrafted item will embed the romance of the honeymoon as it celebrates each anniversary. Milestone anniversaries traditionally associated with particular gemstones such as the ruby, diamond, and pearl will take on personal significance when fashioned into a piece of jewelry that embodies a couple’s life together.

Other Occasions

Significant days occur in every person’s life. These days provide the perfect occasions to consult with a jeweler specializing in handcrafted custom designed jewelry. Any sixteen-year old-daughter will treasure forever a pendant, bracelet, or any jewelry designed and created just for her.  Likewise, a son’s sixteenth birthday may be equally commemorated by a unique ring stylized just for him, which has become a fast growing category in jewelry design. First communions, confirmations and Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s will be indelibly etched in a child’s memory with that perfectly fashioned piece to observe the gala affair.

Old is New Again

Utilizing what is already in your jewelry box is the forte of many jewelers. The master jewelers will work with their customers to create fabulous works of art within each customer’s budget. Vintage and family heirloom jewels take on a new appearance when updated with new settings or incorporated into a completely different item of jewelry. Grandmother’s brooch could be restructured into a dazzling pair of earrings; mother’s damaged class ring refurbished with a modernized setting becomes a classy gift for her fiftieth birthday; or dad’s fraternity pin restored and enhanced with additional details will make his retirement a day to remember.

Worth the Decision

Custom design jewelers simplify the process for their clients. In the initial consultation they will help guide the client’s choice with expert advice and clarification for each step of the process.  Investing the time and imagination into a custom designed, handcrafted jewelry item expresses not only your adulation for your loved one, but by the memories aroused by the jewelry designed and created just for them, they will always remember how much they mean to you.

Finding Trusted Jewelry Repair in Houston

[Posted on April 3rd, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

All of the pieces that are dear to your heart are set apart from the other pieces in your jewelry box. As you hold those pieces of jewelry in higher esteem, it is necessary to only use a trusted jewelry repair Houston company when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your most precious jewelry. Such a company has high standards, proven philosophies and accredited artisans–all the elements that lead to exceptional productivity.

Some of your cherished pieces are symbolic; some of them are just your favorite while others are precious relics serving as mementos. To protect both their intrinsic and extrinsic value, you should take them to a trusted jewelry repair Houston company that specializes in quality work. There are a lot of them in and around your area in Houston, but it is important to research the services of Dickinson By Design before entrusting a single establishment with your valuable.


How to Distinguish Between the Right Company and the Wrong Company

The last thing you want to do is invest your precious time and hard-earned money in a company that is incapable of accommodating your needs. If you do, you risk losing your cherished pieces by allowing an illegitimate company to repair them. Such companies are generally the ones that tend to offer deals or discounts that are too good to be true. You can easily ascertain a company’s legitimacy by calling the Better Business Bureau to look at its history, or you can simply hang on every word you are told and pay close attention to how you are treated. A trusted company will have a team of representatives that exercises generosity and punctuality, among other qualities. This is a team that will handle your cherished pieces with the utmost care, so you can rest assured that your experience with the company will be a pleasant one.


What to Expect from The Right Company

The right company is going to be the one that can guarantee top-notch results and be able to offer proof of their work. It is going to be the one that has not only the proper equipment and knowledge but also offers a number of services for a fair price. The right company, above all, will have superb customer service.


Where to Find the Right Company

To find out where the nearest jewelry repair company is located, the most sensible thing you can do is to use the Internet. The Internet can provide the company’s address and contact information, along with countless customers’ reviews. If the company you are considering using is well established and renowned, you will have an easy time with finding customer reviews. While there are many reviews on websites waiting to disclose information, there are also many jewelry repair companies waiting to serve you that may not have an established Internet following.

If you would like to use a company that is relatively unknown, be sure you keep this in mind: It is of the utmost importance that you do what is best for your cherished pieces because choosing the wrong company can have negative consequences.

Preserve Your Precious Family Heirlooms with Jewelry Repair in Houston

[Posted on March 26th, 2013]

Antique jewels are precious items that family members treasure as much for their emotional significance as for their financial value. Family jewels that are passed down through generations carry with them a responsibility for surviving family members to protect, repair and preserve with Jewelry Repair Houston services.

A gift of a diamond engagement ring from a great-grandfather to his bride has special significance to the great-granddaughter who inherits it. Understanding how pieces of jewelry enter a family is often part of the fascination of owning them. With the passage of time, delicate pieces of elegant jewelry need inspection by a Jewelry Repair Houston expert, who has the expertise to repair broken, worn or damaged parts.


Special Care by Experts

The obligation of a jeweler who is entrusted with valuable family heirlooms is to return them to their original condition. With professional expertise, a jeweler may clean and polish antique pieces to restore their luster. Chips in diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other gems disappear under the expert direction of a jeweler’s hands and tools. Repairing bent, broken or worn prongs, shanks and links that can make jewelry unwearable is a routine matter to a quality jeweler.


Contemporary Appraisal Methods

Heirloom jewelry that was purchased at a time when scientific evaluation of stones was not available can receive an evaluation based on the most recent technology. A family member may own a diamond that is extraordinary without realizing it. A contemporary jeweler can provide an accurate description of a diamond that has pleased family members for generations.

With the proper repair of antique jewelry, an owner can have complete confidence in wearing it without fear of loss from breakage or defect. Repairing stones that are chipped is a specialty of jewelers who repair heirloom rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pins and other cherished pieces. By understanding the nature of the stone and its inherent qualities, a jeweler can restore a stone that is chipped to its former beauty.


An Honor to Uphold

Jewelry that has been handed down from one generation to the next is intended to have an active life, adorning the hands, neck or ears of each generation. It is a sad loss when the owner of a lovely piece of heirloom jewelry puts it away and does not wear it. Restoration and repair jewelers can put the piece into pristine condition so that it can perform the intended purpose of providing enhanced beauty for the person who wears it.


Trusted Jewelers

Fixing valuable jewelry is a special skill that is earned by years of pleasing discerning customers. The bond of trust between distinguished jewelers and valued customers deepens over the years as one piece of jewelry after another is fixed and repaired. Owners of precious, inherited jewelry have the opportunity to procure the best care for the maintenance and repair of beloved gold, silver and gems.

Finding a jeweler who can provide services to clean precious metals, replace missing stones and re-cut chipped stones is essential to take the best care of new or heirloom jewelry. A trusted family member who receives the gift of family jewelry should show the proper level of respect by putting it in the care of an expert jeweler for maintenance and repair.


Preserve Your Precious Family Heirlooms with Jewelry Repair in Houston


Make Your Engagement Special with Custom Made Engagement Rings

[Posted on 18 Mar 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

Little girls begin planning their weddings early in their childhood. They understand the concept of true love and happily ever after before they receive their first kisses and they all know that happily ever after starts with an engagement ring. Most women would agree that the engagement ring is even more important than the wedding band that is given at the marriage ceremony. While the wedding band is the symbol of eternal love, the engagement ring is the grooms opportunity to express his love and devotion to his bride-to-be. The engagement ring is more than just a ring – it is a promise, which is why more and more couples are opting for Custom Made Engagement Rings.

Choosing the Perfect Ring

It is important to make sure the engagement ring you choose is as unique as your love story. This particular piece of jewelry will be wrapped around your beloved’s finger forever. It’s only natural to be daunted when you first step foot in the ring shop. There will be cases full of different cuts and styles and karats of rings. There will probably be some names that don’t make sense and there will probably be some numbers that make even less sense. Envision your loved one. Even though there are some gorgeous sparkling rings already perfectly put together, your best bet is going to be to get Custom Made Engagement Rings that are created especially to tell your love story.

Matching Her Style

The moment you propose will be the beginning of your lives together as husband and wife. That’s why you want to make sure that the engagement ring suits not only her personality, but is symbolic of your life together. It will be the one aspect of her wardrobe that she won’t be able to switch out. So, consider her personal style. Is your blushing bride contemporary? Vintage? Classic? When you choose a custom made engagement ring you’ll be able to choose the perfect band. Bands can come in white, rose or yellow gold, and other metals such as stainless steel or platinum.

For the more contemporary girl, white gold is popular. If her style is more vintage, you may want to check out a yellow gold, or even rose gold with a slight pink tint. You will also be able to choose the cut and karat of the diamond that fits into your setting. Diamonds can come in a multitude of cuts. There are square cuts, circle cuts, even heart shaped cuts. The cut of the diamond, along with the clarity, will be up to your discretion when you are custom making your ring.

The engagement ring you select will be something your partner will cherish for the rest of her life. It is not simply a piece of jewelry, it is a gift from your heart that symbolizes your love for her that will last a lifetime. Whatever cut, color or style you choose, make sure it is a ring that tells your unique love story and love that is forever.

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How to Secretly Find Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

[Posted on February 25th, 2013 by Beth Bowes-Carter]

If you’re getting ready to pop the question and are thinking about shopping for Engagement Rings in Houston, it really helps to know your girlfriend’s ring size. However, that information can be hard to get if you want to keep your proposal plans a secret. Here are some sneaky ways to find out her size without letting her in on your plans.

Borrow One of Her Rings

If you have access to her jewelry box, borrow one of her rings and take it to a jeweler to have it sized. Make sure it’s one she wears on the third finger of her left hand when sizing for Engagement Rings Houston, because the fingers on the right hand can be a whole size larger than the ones on the left in right-handed people. (It’s the opposite in left-handed people, though in rare cases a person’s can be perfectly matched.)

If you’re afraid she’ll notice that a ring missing and get suspicious, you can simply trace around the inside of the ring with a pencil and take the paper to the jeweler. If you don’t have a piece of paper when you find yourself alone with the jewelry box, try the ring on your own finger and mark with a pen how far down it will go.

If you’re feeling especially sneaky, carry a small, hotel-sized bar of soap in your pocket until the perfect moment, and then press the ring into it. A jeweler can often times determine a ring size from the impression. Be sure to clean the soap off before you return the ring, of course.

Ask Friends or Family

It is possible that her sister, mother, or best friend knows her size. Ask around, but only if you think they can keep a secret. If they don’t know it, maybe you can persuade them to take her on a shopping trip and try on rings with her.

Make an Educated Guess

An average woman is about 5′ 4, weighs in the vicinity of 140 pounds, and wears a ring between sizes 6 and 7. If she is much larger than that, or has big knuckles, she might wear a size 8 or 9. A very petite woman will wear a size 3.5 to 5.

The important thing to remember when guessing is to err on the high side. If she tries the ring on and finds it too small, she might feel as if her hands are fat, or “manly,” which is the last thing you want her feeling on this special day!

And if you must resort to guessing her ring size, make absolutely sure that you buy a ring that can be comfortably resized preferably down. Choose a ring that has a simple setting, not one with a channel setting stones set all around inside a groove — or tension setting. Consider focusing on a nice stone with a simple setting that fits her finger, and then returning to the jewelry store to let her choose her own setting and get it properly fitted.

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A Custom Jewelry Designer Can Provide a Ring for Every Budget

[Posted on Feb 07]

Jewelry shopping can be intimidating to any one at first, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to find an exquisite ring. In fact, there are some unique Custom Jewelry Designer alternatives these days that can provide even the most discerning jewelry lover with beautiful pieces at affordable prices.

Titanium Rings

One of the first things to look for when choosing a band ring or diamond ring is the type of metal used. Some very beautiful rings are being made from titanium. Titanium is a metal that is very durable. It can be polished in many different ways. A plethora of designs can be etched or carved into titanium to suit an individual’s taste. A Custom Jewelry Designer can mold the ring into many forms as well. Titanium is not as expensive as gold or other precious metals, so a titanium wedding band is both a durable and a reasonably priced choice for a wedding band or other types of jewelry. Titanium rings can be found with precious gems set into the bands, as well. Titanium jewelry is easy to find in a wide variety of styles, types and sizes.

Silver Rings

Silver jewelry has been popular down through the centuries. Since white gold is in style right now, a good piece of silver jewelry can be used to simulate white gold. Silver band rings are being set with diamonds and other gemstones to make diamond ring owning more affordable. Black and white diamonds set in silver are both stunning and affordable.

Gold Rings: Thinking about Karat Weight

There are several different types of gold available to be used in jewelry. The higher the number of karats in the gold, the more gold it contains. In Europe, 9 karat gold is considered to be genuine gold jewelry. But in the US, 10 karat gold is the lowest karat that is the standard for genuine jewelry.

The more actual gold contained in jewelry, the more expensive the jewelry will be. 10 karat gold will be more durable than 14 karat or 18 karat gold and less expensive because there is less actual gold content in the metal. Many gemstones, including all colors and sizes of diamonds, are set in 10 karat gold. This level of gold content is perfectly acceptable when choosing a wedding set or wedding band, as well. Choosing a ring or any other type of jewelry with 14 karat or 18 karat gold will make the price higher, but the value of the jewelry will be higher as well.

Diamonds on a Budget

Diamonds come in many different colors, sizes and levels of clarity. Colorless, flawless diamonds are very expensive, but worth every penny spent; however, large diamonds vary in color and clarity, so it is possible to purchase a larger diamond with flaws that are not visible to the eye and still have a nice looking diamond. Less expensive diamonds are cloudier looking and sparkle less, but still can look great and compliment any band. To get lots of sparkle for less money, consider buying a ring with several small diamonds instead of one large diamond.

Armed with this knowledge, anyone can get a great band ring or diamond ring that will suit their personality and budget comfortably.

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