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Albuquerque Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings, and Fine Jewelry

Albuquerque: An Oasis of Culture and Economy in a Sprawling, Gorgeous, Desert Landscape

Albuquerque is the most populated city in New Mexico. Albuquerque has a dry desert climate, but don’t let that scare you off! Albuquerque has a rich, exuberant culture excelling in areas such as the arts, sports, (go Isotopes!) festivals, parks and recreation! Don’t take “a wrong turn at Albuquerque” – Bugs Bunny. Stick around! It’s the place to be.
The whole team at Dickinson by Design can’t wait to start working with clients in this part of the United States. We thoroughly enjoy the culture and the landscape of the place. Surrounded by sprawling, gorgeous deserts makes Albuquerqe an oasis of life and excitement that we can’t wait to be a part of.
Here at Dickinson by Design, we are capable of designing whatever the customer thinks up. And let’s not forget our wide selection of Albuquerque engagement rings, fine jewelry, and loose diamonds. If the idea of “designing your own diamond” seems a little scary to you, no problem! Really, it’s a synch! We’re happy to hold your hand through the whole process, and before you know it, you’ll be showing off your knew luxury item, and everyone across the city of Albuquerque is sure to be jealous.
What is there to do in Albuquerque?
Where to begin?!

  • Check out the Sandia Tramway! It’s an aerial tramway that has the world’s third largest single span. And once you get to the top of Sandia peak, there’s lots of activities to do: Try the High Finance Restaurant, as well as a litany of outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.
  • There’s always some sort of music event going on at the Isleta Ampitheater. This ampitheater hosts music festival after music festival, and we’re sure there’s a lot more to come.
  • For rock climbing, hiking, and strolls in the beauty of nature, try the Sandia and Manzano Mountains! Here is a truly breathtaking display of nature at its finest! Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks. And maybe as you climb to the top of the mountain, maybe pull out a ring you designed with our help, and propose!! There are all sorts of ways and places to propose, but sometimes, you just gotta “act natural”.
  • Dickinson By Design is excited to begin working with you to create a unique design engagement ring, or piece of fine jewelry. And let’s not forget the beautiful loose diamond itself, provide a la Dickinson by Design.
  • Check out Old Town Albuquerque for a historic look at the city, as well as some can you believe it, Ghost Tours!! Who doesn’t like ghosts? The ghost tours are provided by the Southwest Ghosthunters Association. Come to Old Town for its delicous restaurants and its quaint small art and souvenir shops. You won’t regret it!
  • And let’s not forget the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science! The museum features a “journey through time” starting with the birth of the universe. And let’s not forget the enormous fossilized skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Is it’s mouth opening because he’s about to take a bite out of something, or is he in shock upon witnessing your new gorgeous engagement ring?

Dickinson By Design seeks to create pieces as beautiful as the Albuquerque landscape:

Dickinson By Design knows it’s not easy to find quality pieces even in a place such as Albuquerque. But we can simplify your concerns, while at the same time providing you with complete control of the diamond making process. John Dickinson has been in the business for over 25 years and knows how to get you quality pieces. And buying it straight from us cuts out the middle man – retail stores. Quality pieces at a price that actually matches the quality of the product.

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