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Austin, Texas: Fine Jewelry, Diamonds and Engagement Rings 

Austin: Weird, Hip, and a Center of Politics and Education 

  • Austin in a vibrating, colorful, ebullient city with a wide demographic and a mixing of young and old. Austin is famous for it’s music scene, and rightly so. There’s always someone playing in some hole in the wall bar, or at a park, or in a coffee shop, or in a classroom- but I digress.
  • And let’s not forget about all the learnin’ that’s happening in Austin – home to the University of Texas at Austin, the university floods the city with a concentrated young demographic. A city that’s a stronghold for millenials keeps the city hip and moving forward with the times. Don’t mind if I go out and buy myself some 1. skinny jeans 2. horned rim tortoise shell glasses 3. frayed shorts 4. a bicycle 5. and I digress.
  • The sights, sounds, and people of Austin are enough to enthrall everyone there, tourist and native alike. For every outrageous outfit, there’s a more outrageous one. For every ardent political activist, there’s one who feels more strongly. So come on out, be loud, be outrageous, and keep yourselves weird, alrighty?
  • The whole team at Dickinson by Design, headed by John Dickinson can’t wait to become a small part of Austin’s enormous and complex culture. Hip, cool, modern, weird – whatever your tastes, I’m sure we can work something out. With our help, Austinite, we can guide you through the process of creating the custom desing jewelry of your dreams. From more conservative looks to the edgier, more daring look we put your wishes first, and create the custom design luxury item you’ve always wanted.

Austin: So much to do! 

  • Barton Springs and Zilker Park – to take a walk in nature and maybe take a dip head out to Barton Springs and Zilker Park. There’s a dog friendly swimming zone in Barton Springs. Zilker Park is covered with hiking trails.
  • Austin Improv – Austin is crawling with improvised theatre. It’s got the Coldtowne Theatre, Salvage Vangaurd Theatre, the Hideout Theatre and many others. As an annual event, Austin also holds the O. Henry Pun off, in which participants compete to have the best pun.
  • 6th Street – and let’s not forget Austin’s famous 6th street, the bars downtown of Austin. Go here and you’re sure to run into more of your fair share of students and young people, living it up to their utmosts. Witness firsthand the exuberance of the young and old alike as the converge upon this stretch of bars with the goal of having a great time- they will most likely not be disappointed.
  • South by Southwest – And let’s not forget the famous music, and film festival that has continued to grow each year. People come from all around the country to participate in this event, which lasts for over a week, with an endless list of shows, events, foods, conferences and the like. The amount to do can be overwhelming! Maybe you’re at a concert with your significant other, and it’s her/his favorite band playing. Maybe all of a sudden you get down on one knee, placing it on a picnic blanket laid out on the grass and pull out the engagement ring YOU designed (a la DBD) pop the question in that magical moment. The crowd around you goes wild as the answer is returned. “Hey, man-” says the lead singer, “don’t steal the show.” But it’s too late.

Austin + Dickinson by Design: A Match Made in Heaven 

The diverse and vibrating culture of Austin, Texas are qualities Dickinson by Design admires and seeks to emulate. Everyone at Dickinson by Design is excited to be working with the lively people of Austin. We would be honored to help you find or design the piece of your dreams whether you are looking for an engagement ring, earrings, loose diamonds, jewelry repair, wedding bands or many of our other products and services.
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