Baltimore Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry

Baltimore: A Vibrant Culture

Baltimore is a great city with a lot to do. It is especially known for its food, (crabs anyone?), architecture, music, and sports. It’s home to a bustling harbor, and it is home to the famous John Hopkin’s Hospital and University.
Dickinson by Design has long admired the Baltimore community, and are looking forward to working with the people of Baltimore. If you are looking for Baltimore engagement rings, or fine jewelry, we can help you either custom make or find the jewelry of your dreams.

Baltimore: So much to do!

  • Baltimore has an interesting specialty in sports: Jousting and Lacrosse. Jousting is the official state sport and Lacrosse is the official “team sport” of Maryland and is very popular.
  • The Lyric Opera house would be a perfect place to show off your new engagement ring, or new earrings. Dickinson by Design will guide you through the easy and painless process of designing your very own ring or jewelry. No worries at all if you don’t feel like you know enough! We know enough for the both of us 😉 and we can take whatever idea you have and make it a reality. We enjoy seeing people’s dreams become a reality here at Dickinson by Design.
  • Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum – Baltimore was home to Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe. The Museum may be small, but the history and aura of the home is more than enough to make up from any cursory appearances. It was closed for a while buthas recently been reopened. Edgar Allen Poe’s grave is also a favorite among tourists.
  • The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a bustling center of Baltimore culture and is a major tourist attraction, full of museums, concert halls, and gorgeous architecture. And don’t forget the awe-inspiring view of the sea itself.

If you are looking for high quality Baltimore engagement rings and fine jewelry, Dickinson by Design is exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to speaking with you. You can contact us directly by number, and you can also get the contact sheet filled out below, and we’ll speed along this process!

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