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Custom Made Engagement Rings For Detroit, Michigan:

Detroit is a great city to live in and visit with a diverse culture and rich history. Detroit is well known for its “Motown” music, the signature sound heard throughout the world. Detroit is a wonderful, complex urban metropolis and potrays an ambitious attitude directed towards growth, hope and change for its people.
If you’re looking for Detroit engagement rings, anniversary rings, Detroit wedding rings, or just Detroit jewelry, Dickinson by Design is here to help. Sorting through the endless lists of jewelers can be an intimidating and difficult process, we know. Everyone here at Dickinson by Design understands that when you’re searching to buy jewelry, or anything for that matter, you want to get it from people you know you can trust, rather than having to spend hours searching online or in the jewelry retail stores wondering if you should just go ahead and settle. Don’t you dare settle! At Dickinson by Design we strive to be more personable, more hardworking, and more capable than every other provider out there. Check out our “Meet the Team” page to see more about the people who work at Dickinson by Design, Inc.


What to do while in Detroit, Michigan:


  • If you’re a sports fan, Detroit, Michigan is the place to be. It has some of the best sports teams across the world and with some of the most passionate fanbases. If you like ice hockey, there’s the Detroit Red Wings, one of the most succesful hockey teams in the NHL. If football is your cup of tea, there’s the Detroit Lions, and if you like baseball, the Detroit Tigers are a great team. There’s something for everyone.
  • The Eastern Market is a great place to shop for fresh produce. You can shop for delicious fresh meat, vegetables, spices and much more. This is a great place to experience the life and hubub of Detroit directly and to see for yourself how kind and friendly the citizens of Detroit are.
  • Greektown is a place full of entertainment and excitement. The area features Greek architecture, Greek music is played out in the open, and is littered with Greek restaurants featuring delectable Greek cuisine.

Detroit is a burgeoning, beautiful city, full of great potential and a wonderful base of committed and active citizens. The people of Detroit want the best for their city, and Dickinson by Design hopes to be a part of that growth. Citizens of Detroit can use Dickinson by Design to design your own engagement ring. For important decisions, from getting married, to picking out the ideal anniversary gift, the proper care, love and attention must be given. Dickinson by Design provides the ideal cut diamonds, and guides you through the quick and easy process of customizing your engagement ring and jewelry.

Detroit Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Custom Made Jewelry

John Dickinson has been in the diamond business for over 25 years, and knows its in and outs. Dickinson by Design has streamlined the business for optimal customer interaction with an emphases on straightforwardness, quality and customer satisfaction. To start a project, give us a call now at 713-789-4200 or fill out the contact sheet below. Please feel free to check out the rest of our site for some of our past designs.

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