Fresno Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Design for Fresno, California:

Fresno is a fine city to live in and visit. It’s known for that West Coast feel with palm trees and cool breezes and great weather all year round. Not to mention great people. The people of Fresno are friendly, eager to help, and have excellent taste.
If you’re looking for Fresno engagement rings, anniversary rings, Fresno wedding rings, or Fresno jewelry repair Dickinson by Design is here to help. Sorting through the endless lists of jewelers can be an intimidating and difficult process, we know. Everyone here at Dickinson by Design understands that when you’re searching to buy jewelry, or anything for that matter, you want to get it from people you can trust, rather than having to spend hours searching online or in the jewelry stores wondering if you should just go ahead and settle. At Dickinson by Design we strive to be more personable, more hardworking, and more capable than every other provider out there. Check out our “Meet the Team” page to learn more about the people who work at Dickinson by Design, Inc.

Where to go in Fresno:

Check out the Old Fresno Water Tower. It is a favorite Fresno tourist attraction and is an excellent example of American Romanesque architecture.
For theatre lovers there’s the Artists’ Repertory Theatre. They are a stellar community theatre group and are known for several famous productions.
If you are in Fresno and considering proposing to your loved one, Dickinson by Design can provide the ring.

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John Dickinson has been in the diamond business for over 25 years, and knows its in and outs. Dickinson by Design has streamlined the business for optimal customer interaction with an emphases on straightforwardness, quality and customer satisfaction. To start a project, give us a call now at 713-789-4200 or fill out the contact sheet below. Please feel free to check out the rest of our site for some of our past designs.

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