Houston Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry

Houston, Texas: Dickinson by Design’s Hometown 

Dickinson by Design is proud to be located in the Houston Area. Houston is a sprawling, diverse city with endless things to do, people to see, and places to go.
Dickinson by Design works right out of the Houston Area and is located at 6164 Richmond Avenue. We are happy to have walk-ins, though you can schedule an appointment with Lisa: lisa@dbddiamonds.com. Lisa can guide you through the quick and painless process of designing your own engagement ring or piece of jewelry. We can’t wait to work with you here at Dickinson by Design. Check out the “Meet the Team” page to see the sort of people working here at Dickinson by Design.

Some Of Our Favorite Things To Do In Houston:


  • Hermann Park is arguably one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. It’s right next to the downtown area so you can marvel at the wonders of nature along with the wonders of man seen in the towering skyscrapers. Take a stroll around the pond, and witness all sorts of wildlife, including a wide array of birdlife. There’s tons of stuff to do in this area, and there’s always some event going on. Check out the popular Miller Outdoor Theatre for a free theatrical performance outside in the cool evening air.

Hermann Park, for all its beauty, is a great place to propose to your loved one. At Dickinson by Design, we specialize in specializes in the manufacture of the finest quality gold and platinum wedding rings and mountings at a price that you can afford.

  • Right next to the Hermann Park is the famous Houston Zoo. This zoo certainly has a lot to offer. Check out the primate exhibit, a stroll featuring playful and excitable monkeys and apes. At the front of the zoo is the sea lion exhibit. These creatures are always extremely active and happy performers, and leave the viewer perhaps somewhat jealous that they cannot live such simple, refreshing lives. Also, be sure to check out the lions, the bears, the birds, and of course, the reptile house. And that’s to name just a few.
  • Perhaps as a result of it’s diversity, Houston features a wide array of delicious foods to choose from. Bar-B-Que, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Sushi, Italian and Vietnamese to name a few.

You’ve got to be careful to not get all that delicious Bar-B-Que sauce, or Tex-Mex salsa on your new diamond ring. If you need jewelry repair, Dickinson provides this along with many other services.

Dickinson by Design is Located in Houston, Texas:

Dickinson by Design has streamlined the jewelry business for optimal customer interaction with an emphases on straightforwardness, quality and customer satisfaction. To start a project, email us at lisa@dbddiamonds.com or fill out the contact sheet below. Please feel free to check out the rest of our site for some of our past designs.

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