San Antonio Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry

San Antonio, Texas:

San Antonio is home to a diverse, multi-cultural community, whom are among the kindest, most welcoming, and cultured people in the world. Dickinson by Design looks forward to doing business with the people of San Antonio.
We hope to take advantage of all that San Antonio has to offer. In return, we hope that the people of San Antonio take advantage of what we have to offer: custom design engagement rings and jewelry at an affordable price.

Romantic Things to Do in San Antonio:


  • The Alamo – the location of one of the most famous battles in United States’ history. Who can forget “Remember the Alamo”. Surprisingly small and unassuming, the Alamo is a huge tourist attraction for San Antonio.
  • The San Antonio River Walk is a great place to take a stroll and take in some of the best of San Antonio. San Antonio might not be quite the same city without the River Walk. People from all over the city (and world) gather here to check out some of San Antonio’s best restaurants, shops and bars.

Some public displays of affection are culturally accepted: a proposal for instance. If you were to pop the special question by the calm waters of the San Antonio river, I’m sure the people of San Antonio would not mind at all. And for that unique, custom diamond ring Dickinson by Design is the place to go.

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