Competitive Corporate Programs

Dickinson by Design is now providing Corporate Reward Programs for companies in Houston. Providing your employees with rewards and gifts is a great way to show them your genuine appreciation for their contributions. Getting something a little more customized goes a long way in setting you apart as an employer. A company is more than a business: it’s a place where meaningful and long lasting relationships are formed. To be an effective business requires healthy and strong relationships with the people you work with. 

Cuff links, pendants, tie clips, money clips, engravings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are just a few of the items we offer organizations and companies. These items can be ordered in bulk for many employees all at once, or can be customized for a single special event. We can engrave your company logo or motto onto any of these items, or we can provide programs that match rings and gifts according to the size of contribution or the amount of years worked at a company.


Specialty items don’t need to just be for employees. They can be for customers, benefactors, supporters, volunteers and friends. These gifts can go a long way in nurturing a genuine sense of family in an organization.


As custom jewelry designers, we are fully capable of making whatever adjustments to meet each unique client’s needs. For more information, simply email or give us a call! (713) 789-4200

Wax Models of Rings to be Cast


Custom Cuff Links With Custom Engravings