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  • Customized quote available for custom rings
  • Custom ring design services are available
  • Gemstones are available in various colors and cuts
  • Multiple high quality loose diamonds are available for use in rings

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I gave the rings to my wife. They were a big hit. Just wanted to thank you for the great quality, service and value. If we are in the market for more jewelry, you will be the first contact.

OMG! The ring is absolutely gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the Bridal Set. My husband is very impressed with the ring also. Thank you for everything it has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to again.

Thank you for the prompt business and gorgeous ring! Your work is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service. I will always keep you on top of my list for any jewelry ideas or recommendations.

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Come to DBD Diamonds for Engagement Rings in Dallas

DBD Diamonds offers engagement rings in Dallas that will say “I love you” more than the words themselves. We provide a customized quote for custom rings and provide excellent custom ring design services. You can get gemstones in various colors and cuts as well. In addition, multiple high quality loose diamonds are available for use in rings. Come see us today if you reside within the Dallas area.

Where Can I Buy Engagement Rings in Dallas?

Engagement rings in Dallas can be purchased from a number of places. Major department stores, chain jewelry stores, and local jewelers all offer a vast collection of engagement rings that are available for purchase. The retailer or jeweler that is used will depend upon how unique the customer wants the engagement ring to look.Customers looking for general engagement rings with little or no customization can choose to purchase their rings from major department stores or a major chain jewelry store. These stores and retailers often have a vast selection of pre-made engagement rings that are available for purchase. Some customization, such as engraving, may be available at these retailers or chain stores.Customers who wish to purchase a unique, customized engagement will want to shop at a local jeweler’s shop. Jewelers often have the resources and equipment to create custom made engagement rings. Customization that is available at local jewelers can include selecting various gemstones, choosing what diamond cut is used, and creating an entire personalized setting for the ring. Read more here – http://goo.gl/QPCEI6 

What Jeweler Creates Unique Engagement Rings in Dallas?

Potential customers will want to look for a jeweler that offers customized jewelry design services. Customized jewelry design services allow the potential customer to work closely with the jeweler to create custom engagement rings. The jeweler will help the potential customer choose the type of gemstone that is used, the various cuts and clarity of diamonds that will be used, and the setting or design of the entire ring.

Dickinson By Design offers custom design (CAD) services to potential customers looking to purchase engagement rings. The company will work closely with the customer to create a unique design that incorporates all the desired gemstones, diamonds, and settings.

After creating this unique setting, Dickinson By Design will use advanced 3D technology to create a wax mold of the engagement ring. The wax mold allows customers to see exactly what their ring will look like and make adjustments to the customization if needed.

How Do I Find a Reputable Jeweler for Engagement Rings in Dallas?

Purchasing engagement rings from a reputable jeweler is essential, as it guarantees that cut, quality, and clarity of the gemstones and diamonds used are exactly what the potential customer is looking to use. Reputable jewelers can be found in a number of places including review sites and the Better Business Bureau. Read more here – http://goo.gl/SR0zW5

Review websites, like Yelp and Angie’s List, allow potential customers to read about other customers’ experience with a particular jeweler. The Better Business Bureau can be used to see if any previous customers have filed complaints against the jeweler. Complaints to look for that may indicate a jeweler that does not have a good reputation include unethical business practices and quality of product complaints. For the best engagement rings, visit Dickinson By Design.