How is Dickinson by Design different from every other jewelry provider?

In this day and age people want the best information and the best products. It’s becoming harder to trick or “sell” this new era of savvy customers. DBD caters to exactly this kind of customer- the kind who wants the best deal at the highest quality.
The modern age is ushering in a new kind of customer – the kind who wants access to the best information and best services, and demands nothing less. We cater to this “savvy” customer. In this day and age it’s becoming easier and easier to get in the know about any industry, including the jewelry business.
We cater specifically to this kind of customer, the kind that will not accept being taken advantage of. Plenty of businesses are more than happy to continue to “sell” their products to the less wary customer.
Most customers these days continue to get their jewelry from retail stores. Going to a more direct source, like Dickinson by Design, provides higher quality at a lower price. Not only that, you have absolutley limitless options… the designs we showcase on the website are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, you can design your own from scratch, an easy process for even someone with no jewelry knowledge at all.
A few years ago, the average customer would have been stuck buying from a retail store with a limited selection. The times are a-changin’. Now customers are getting what they want – prices that actually match the quality of the products they are buying, along with optimal control of the process.
At Dickinson by Design, we are absolutely excited to start welcoming in these new savvier customers. Are you savvy though?









And yes… We do it all here.

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