Diamond Education

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Choosing the right diamond

Buying a diamond does not have to be such a daunting task, diamond quality is easy to understand. Your about to find out all you need to know to select the right diamond. Most diamond dealers teach you about “The Four C’s” but the fifth “C”, certification can be just as important as the rest. Before worrying about those though you need to figure out what shape stone your looking for.


Diamond Cut


After you have selected the shape of diamond you want its time to filter though and find just the right one using the five C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat weight, and Certification. The cut of any given diamond is its most important characteristic, it has the greatest influence on how brilliantly a diamond sparkles. With an ideally cut diamond the maximum amount of light is returned back out the top of the stone giving it the glorious appearance we all expect. As you change the Cut of a stone the angle at which light is reflected changes causing more or less light to return back to the top. A diamond’s Cut can range from excellent to poor quality. Read more

 Diamond Color

Diamond Colors

You may be surprised to learn that the “white” diamonds everyone pictures when they think of a diamond are actually just one color diamonds can be. Diamonds can range from D to Z. D color diamonds are the traditional stones used for engagements but while colorless diamonds may be the most popular there is a whole other category known as fancy Color Diamonds. Some of the most famous stones you know of may actually be fancy color diamonds such as The Hope diamond which is blue. Diamonds come in many colors and those colors can range greatly in how strong the color is. Read more

Diamond Clarity


A diamonds clarity describes the number and the size of any imperfections present. The clarity rating of a diamond will let you know without seeing the stone if you will be able to see the imperfections with the naked eye and if so how noticeable they will be or if there are in fact no internal imperfections. This can cause the price to fluctuate greatly as flawless diamonds are extremely rare keep in mind that everyone’s eyes have a limit and there is no reason to upgrade to a clarity level to which you may not see any difference. Read more

 Carat Weight

A diamonds carat weight is just that the weight of a diamond. It is important to keep in mind a diamonds cut when considering carat weight as it is the combination of the two that will give you a clear picture to the visual size of the stone. I diamond of a poor cut could be unusually deep thus the stone would be appear much smaller from above than an ideally cut stone of the same carat weight. The could also go the other way with a very flat stone that appears very large when viewed from above but has a lower carat weight that a higher cut graded stone which appears to be the same from above. Like any other weight there are fractions of carat know as points which we use to describe stones. Each carat consist of one hundred points. Once you have chosen your other C’s choosing a carat weight is simple a matter of budget. Mix and match different grades to find the perfect stone for your ring.


Last but not least the certification of a stones qualities by a third party is very important. If an non certified diamond looks too good to be true it may be just that. Read more