Modern Wax Making Printing & Milling

In our increasingly fast paced world traditional manufacturing methods are dying off to make room for automation, cost cutting and mass production. Art forms such as jewelry are quick to adopt new technologies though for slightly different reasons than our more industrial manufacturing counterparts. In any art form one is always pushing the envelope searching for a way to make their vision a reality and let’s be honest, to pay the rent. New methods to generate waxes suitable for lost wax casting are allowing jewelers the world over to create pieces never before possible, or in the least, prohibitively expensive.First there was CNC milling, a tremendous breakthrough especially when considering its predecessor, hand carving waxes.

CNC milling technology has allowed jewelers to produce three to four waxes a day up from one or less. Along with this increase in productivity came greater precision and accuracy to be expected from a mechanical process. Now 3D printing has raced to the forefront allowing for such large scale, precise, rapid prototyping that it has even replaced molds. Designers and customers have been liberated from many of the constraints formerly imposed. Long gone are the days of “how can I open this up so the mill can get in there?”. The pain staking process of creating a scaled master mold and shooting forty pieces is gone and replaced with printing them all at once with confidence they will all be accurate.Modeling technology is opening new doors every day as the users grow in their understanding of its potential applications.

These innovations are making custom jewelry more and more accessible to individuals and DBD plans to use this to make one of, if not the most personal purchases of anyone’s life unique, personal, and fun. Don’t settle for off the shelf jewelry and engagement rings, come enjoy the process of creating a custom piece with Dickinson by Design.