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  • All work completed in house utilizing our expert jewelers and state of the art equipment
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  • 30 Years of jewelry design and manufacturing experience
  • Producing the simplest solitaire to the most complex antique reproductions

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I gave the rings to my wife. They were a big hit. Just wanted to thank you for the great quality, service and value. If we are in the market for more jewelry, you will be the first contact.

OMG! The ring is absolutely gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the Bridal Set. My husband is very impressed with the ring also. Thank you for everything it has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to again.

Thank you for the prompt business and gorgeous ring! Your work is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service. I will always keep you on top of my list for any jewelry ideas or recommendations.

Dickinson by Design Offers Eloquent Engagement Rings in Platinum

Dickinson by Design specializes in manufacturing platinum engagement rings that dazzle the eye and warm the heart. We offer retailers and store mangers timely and cost-effective solutions that meet all of their goals. With 25 years of experience in retail jewelry management, we have learned to respect and understand the process and place service and quality as top priorities. Using advanced computer technology, we can produce rings with every detail made perfect. Our commitment is to your, the customer, and it is always with excellence. In addition, we manufacture custom made engagement rings.


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[Posted on Dec 16 2012 ]


Dickinson By Design prides themselves on educating women about the various gems that they can have in their engagement and wedding rings. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, gemstones can make that special ring even more unique. Many women want their engagement or wedding rings to have their favorite color gem, or perhaps even one of their wedding colors. These days, weddings and engagements are all about personalizing both the rings and the ceremony to reflect the likes of both the bride and groom. That being said, Dickinson by Design is the best place to get a beautiful, high quality gemstone ring that will last a lifetime.

Gems have a reputation for being the most precious stone. Since an engagement ring or a wedding ring is also precious, it stands to reason that a gemstone would make for a beautiful engagement/wedding ring. Some gems are born from plants or animals and are organic gems. Synthetic gems are created in a laboratory. Both organic and synthetic gems make a wonderful addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. Many times synthetic gems look like organic gems.

It is very important for a woman to keep her gems clean and sparkling. Depending on the color of the gem, there are different ways to clean it. Dickinson by Design can educate any women on how to maintain her beautiful gems. Here is a quick rundown of how some of the various types of gems can be cleaned:

  • An Amethyst gem is most often cleaned using chemical cleaners, soap and a soft cloth. In contrast, a diamond can be cleaned in several different ways. When cleaning platinum engagement rings with a diamond, in addition to the cleaning methods previously stated, it can be cleaned by using steam or boiling the diamond.
  • Much like a diamond, a ruby can also be cleaned with everything from chemicals to soap to boiling, steaming and through ultrasonic cleaning methods.
  • When it comes to cleaning a pearl, the only tools that can be used are an untreated cloth and a special cleaner designed specifically for pearls. It is crucial not to clean them with anything else, because it could easily destroy the pearl’s value and beauty.
  • Rubies, Sapphires and Spinels can be cleaned using any of the previously mentioned methods except boiling.

The ways in which a particular gem must be cleaned depends, in part, on how tough the gem is. The level of toughness of a gem can range from poor to excellent. Amethysts and Diamonds are considered to have a good level of toughness. The toughness of a ruby is excellent while the toughness of a pearl is poor. Rubies and Sapphires both have an excellent level of toughness while Spinels have a good level of toughness.

Maintaining the value of a gem is not hard to do if one takes good care of it. Gems are durable pieces of jewelry that enhance any wedding or engagement ring and make it personal to the bride.