Scout’s Honor Rescue Cuff Links

Scout’s Honor Rescue is an organization that rescues animals from the city pounds and streets of Houston. These rescued animals are provided shelter in foster homes until they can finally settle in permanent homes with loving owners. Cat and dog lovers can offer up their homes as “foster” locations, or they can volunteer to help with the Rescue team’s activities. Their website features a wide variety of beautiful animals looking for homes where they will properly and lovingly be cared for.


Dickinson by Design is proud to work with the people of Scout’s Honor by designing their Scout’s Honor Rescue cuff links. These cuff links were gifted in gratitude to certain supporters of the Rescue program. Cuff Links, pendants, and the like are an ideal way to show appreciation to employees, customers and supporters of your organization. Not only that, such items can be a way to nurture excitement and a real sense of belonging for both the giver and recipient. We have thoroughly enjoyed coordinating with the people of Scout’s Honor Rescue, and we greatly admire the work they do.


Cuff - Scounts honor - 1 Cuff - Scounts honor - 2 Cuff - Scounts honor - 3








Dickinson by Design performs similar design work for companies and organizations all over Houston. If you are looking to create similar luxury items customized with your company’s brand, Dickinson by Design is looking to do business with you. It is typical these days for employers and companies to provide their people with gifts – why not choose something a little more customized that conveys true appreciation?