So what are people saying about DBD?

Stephen K.

I contacted Lisa thinking that getting a custom ring would take a long period of time. The speed of production, attention to detail and customer service were amazing. Lisa took the ideas I had and pictures which I had found on the web, and combined them into a one a kind creation; she produced a number of renderings which were tweaked until I had exactly what I was looking for. Lisa was patient and understanding though out the process and saying that I was satisfied would be an understatement. The end result was perfect, and my fiance loved it.

Stephen K.

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Stephen K.
The Harryson’s

From the Bottom of our HEART The Harryson’s would Like to Thank John Sr., John Jr. & the Whole DBD Team for making our Wedding Day beyond Exceptional by Designing my Husband Ring. This Company went Over & Above in mastering my Design. The compliments my Husband receive on a daily basis is testament enough on the outstanding job DBD do, not to mention the Kudos I receive for designing his Ring !! I just wanted to share one of many Wedding Photos from our Beautiful day in St. Lucia on May 19, 2012. We will be by soon to visit. I know you like to see this impeccable design often & we like to see you guys to again say THANKS for everything & More.
Love Always, The Harryson’s


The Harryson’s
Steven C.

She said yes!

Thank you for all the help! She LOVES the ring!

Rin - Steven C - 3100 - 2

Steven C.

Lisa has very personalized service, and looks for ways to delight her clients. Lisa helped us design a ring that was perfect for us, both in terms of budget and our dreams. We always felt listened to and that our goals were the most important part of the process. We would recommend Lisa to anyone needing help designing jewelry.

Melissa R.

Melissa R.

She said yes! And LOVED the ring!

Rin - Williger - 3260 - 14

Mike W.

Thank you for all the help! Here are some pictures of the proposal… She said YES by the way!!!!

Rin - Isaac - 3281- 4

Isaac W.

Sure they like us, but what are other people saying?


Thanks to you and all the personnel at Dickinson by Design for creating such a beautiful ring!  I love the ring and Glenn loves it too!  It is absolutely stunning.  You should see my friend’s faces when I show them my ring. They are in awe!  I have several friends who want to contact you in the future to design a ring or other type of jewelry for them.  Again, thank you!

Martha M.
  • I was contacted by Lisa after a good friend of mine recommended Dickinson by Design to me for an engagement ring. Being a stereotypical bachelor and knowing next to nothing about rings, Lisa walked be through the ins and outs of a quality ring. She listened to my requirements for budget and my opinions on design. The trickiest part was all correspondence was done via email as I am currently working out-of-country. A bit risque, no doubt, but at no point did I feel uncomfortable. After dozens of emails and pictures flying back and forth, the result could not have been better! An absolutely gorgeous ring that everyone seems to love, especially and most importantly my fiance!! And all within the budget I had. Lisa was most excellent help. Thank you for making the engagement an absolute stunner!
Tim E.

Lisa helped me design and build an engagement ring for my best friend. Originally he had found a design online that he wanted to buy. It was beautiful but I knew that it was not a smart pur phase or a good price. Lisa helped us make a custom piece that looked very similar but with a higher build and diamond quality. Also, it made a huge difference having someone that I could speak with face to face or email throughout the process.

Adam H.

My experience was great. The service was personal and Lisa made herself readily available. Her responses to my inquiries were quick and I would definitely recommend working with her!

Victor I.

Something I’ve learned about diamond purchasing, most of the brokers have access to the same database.

Something that Lisa Forrest does differently, she is 100% transparent and explains everything you need to know. I love people in sales that don’t “sell”.

Thanks Lisa!


Chris W.

I am so lucky to have found Lisa through my random internet searches attempting to find a custom jewelry designer for my engagement ring. From the very first e-mail to the anxiously-awaited day I got to pick-up my gorgeous ring, Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Lisa assisted me in designing my ring and was timely and upfront in all of our communications as well as the actual execution and completion of my project. In addition it was fun to work with her because she is very personable and shared my enthusiasm over my project! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Lisa’s services to anyone and I look forward to working with her when designing my wedding band.

Thank you, Lisa, for all your hard work and the superior customer service you provided while working on my (somewhat nerve-wrecking) project!


Elaine P.

Lisa has very personalized service, and looks for ways to delight her clients. Lisa helped us design a ring that was perfect for us, both in terms of budget and our dreams. We always felt listened to and that our goals were the most important part of the process. We would recommend Lisa to anyone needing help designing jewelry.


Melissa R.

I contacted Lisa thinking that getting a custom ring would take a long period of time. The speed of production, attention to detail and customer service were amazing. Lisa took the ideas I had and pictures which I had found on the web, and combined them into a one a kind creation; she produced a number of renderings which were tweaked until I had exactly what I was looking for. Lisa was patient and understanding though out the process and saying that I was satisfied would be an understatement. The end result was perfect, and my fiance loved it.


Stephen K.

My name is Dana Diehl.  You recently repaired my wedding ring and wanted to let you know you did a wonderful job!  I am so proud to be wearing it again!  I had missed it so! I was hoping he was having it fixed and knew they had been talking about a place in Houston, so that is was I was hoping he was doing in Houston.  The first time he proposed it was in the front of his truck.  I wasn’t expecting to turn around the same day he went to Houston and see him down on bended knee asking me to marry him all over again!  To my surprise there it was. I figured he had to leave it down there! Thanks again. I figure people are sure to make complaints, so I wanted to take the time to say job well done and thanks for accommodating same day service!! God Bless each and every one!!

Dana Diehl

John and his team could not have been more professional, or have made the ring design process more streamlined. Everything was simple — clear cut. At each step, we discussed and weighed our options: cost-benefit breakdown of upgrading the center stone, tweaking features of the setting, etc. I never felt like I was being persuaded beyond my budget. More importantly, John fully understood my non-standard design, and fleshed it out as an artisan. Overall, they demonstrated expert craftsmanship and customer service. I will certainly get our wedding bands through DBD, and recommend them to friends.

Thanks again and take care!


Friday (16 July 2010) was our 25th wedding anniversary. I gave the rings to my wife. They were a big hit. Just wanted to thank you for the great quality, service and value. If we are in the market for more jewelry, you will be the first contact.

Dave Marshall

Thank you – we who have seen my Mom’s ring are impressed with how “sparkly” it is and also how great my Dad’s ring looks now. They have not yet exchanged them – I think they each have different plans, but I expect they each give other the rings in the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

We also look forward to receiving the certificates – my Dad I anxious to get their insurance updated. Thanks again for your recommendations and suggestions – everything turned out very nice.


Thanks again for all your help. My (now) fiance and I had only seen that setting at one other site and it quickly became unavailable. It was a relief to not only find it on yours but to find it less expensive. You have shown outstanding support. I really appreciate including the stone transfer from my grandmother’s wedding ring to the new setting, and especially the follow-up support with the resizing and maintenance.

If you’d like a little background on the event the ring accompanied me to Poland, then to Paris where I wound up proposing to her on the docks on the River Seine in the shadow of the illuminated Eifel tower at night. I don’t think she expected this setting when it was first available on the other site, she had seemed to ‘accept’ a more standard solitaire but I could tell she had wanted that one. Then when it went out of stock on the other site I think she forgot about it. We had talked about the possibility of an engagement but I think the location, timing and most importantly surprise of the ring left her speechless. She couldn’t stop looking at it the rest of the time I was there, and she was reluctant to let it go even for the short time to get it properly sized. All of her family and friends that saw it loved it. I can’t thank you enough for the time and patience working with me to get it ready in time for my trip, and to get it back to her after. I hope to be using your services again in the future.

Brian Cross

Since the 1st phone call with John I knew this was the place I was going to get my ring he was very respectful and courteous, they were always quick to answer my questions or answer an email. I was in Africa the whole time I was trying to design my ring we did everything over the phone or internet via email, they know how to work with people, I changed my mind about 3-4 times on how I wanted the design and they never once got upset or sounded mad. I finally chose a design and we had about 1 week to get it done since I was going to get engaged on her birthday, everything worked out great, they even had an issue getting pink sapphires for my ring since everything was all short notice, but so they could meet my needs they substituted pink diamonds!! At their cost, I mean who does that these days.

The way I gave her the ring was I bought 4 boxes all different sizes from small to big, each one had a letter and for presentation I did a heart shape with rose petals I also had some white confetti looking stuff and made a little trail leading to the box, when she finally got to the one with the box it said I Love You Will you Marry Me? She handed me the box after she had seen it and I knelled down and asked her again if she would marry me and then put the ring on.

I will continue to do business with them and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you for everything,

Oscar A. Licea

Ps; She loved the ring!

Oscar A. Licea

I wanted to write something for your website that conveyed my deepest gratitude for what you’ve done. I feel we’ve found something wonderful and want to share that with everyone!

You took an exhausting and stressful experience and turned it into something enjoyable and exciting for us. I am so thankful for the patience, perception, knowledge, the impeccable service, and of course a gorgeous ring! As soon as Luis met you, he knew that I would be happy, and he was right! I love my ring, and the positive experience gives it much more value.

I have already started recommending you to anyone I know that has any jewelry needs, and I plan to come back with other pieces for service.

Teresa Day and Luis Gasparotto

I have to tell you that every person that looks at my ring is always blown away! It’s so intense with a fire of its own! Before I keep going on and on about my sparkly (and I can) I wanted to share the proposal story with you.

December 17th is Billy and I’s anniversary so we decided (I decided) to exchange gifts on Christmas. Well, midnight December 17th rolls around and Billy approaches me and says “I know you wanted to wait till Christmas to exchange gifts but I could not wait to give you this.” While he says this he starts to shake this little snow globe and finally hands it to me. As the “snow” started to settle I see this little penguin holding my ring. Mind you it didn’t register it was my ring right away. I had this whole inner dialog. Is that part of the snow globe? Is that what I think it is? Wait… What is happening?…and so on. So I’m sure at this point what seemed like an eternity to Billy I finally looked at him and just asked if this was him asking me THE question. The second he said yes, I leapt up and jumped on him (practically breaking his back) and then bounced all around the room. When my excitement subsided just for a moment I couldn’t figure out how to get my ring out of there so I started shaking it violently screaming “GIVE ME MY RING!!” (lol!) Billy snapped off the bottom, drained it and finally gave me my prize! I still have the snow globe as a keepsake which I attached to this email so you could see. He made the penguin by clay and also the little message that reads “pebble.” I didn’t even remember if I said yes right away, but he got the message haha! It was a very special and I’ll be telling that story for the rest of my life!

I just wanted to thank you for being there for Billy through the design process and also there for me when I needed you shortly after. You are so patient and the work you do is brilliant on so many levels. We are already recommending you to many of our friends, family and coworkers. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the wedding bands!

P.S. Thanks again for shining up the rest of my rings! I’ve never seen them so shiny, it’s like they are brand new again! I will be in touch, you can count on that!

Merrily & Billy

I must say….. THE BEST JEWELRY BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! My fiance and I decided I should find the ring I wanted (since I would be the one wearing it ;-). I searched, and searched the internet for the company with the most knowledge, who was straight forward, had beautiful jewelry, and the GREATEST DEAL I could find. I got an amazing vibe from John (Jr.) the first day we spoke!! He knew his stuff and he could tell I knew mine as well. Within thirty minutes of our conversation, I had received all of the information (by email) about not only the loose diamond of interest…but others that fit my price range as well. GIA certificates, prices, etc. I gave him a price range and that’s what it was!! He was never pushy…NOT ONCE! Having previous jewelry experience, I knew exactly what I was looking for (so I thought). It’s REALLY DIFFICULT to decide on an engagement ring that’s intangible. I changed my mind SEVERAL TIMES about the design I was looking for. Each time I changed my mind, John was available for any questions. I was expecting ATTITUDE after the fifth or sixth call….NOT FROM JOHN!!! Every response was…”DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT….IT’S OKAY….I UNDERSTAND…IT’S NOT A PROBLEM….IF YOU THINK OF SOMETHING WHEN YOU HANG UP, CALL ME BACK!” He was the greatest!! His goal was to take all stress from me and make this A FLAWLESS EXPERIENCE… JOB WELL DONE! I am as happy as can be!! My fiance proposed on Sunday and I was blown away when the box opened. Even though I found the design and chose the diamonds…shape and all… To receive the finished product and see THE AMAZING QUALITY!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! SPARKLE, SPARKLE, SPARKLE…just like you said John! I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to get my band! :-)… My fiance can’t wait for his now. lol.

Yaneek and Michael

OMG! The ring is absolutely gorgeous! It looks wonderful with the Bridal Set. My husband is very impressed with the ring also. Thank you for everything it has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to again.


Thank you for the prompt business and gorgeous ring! Your work is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service. I will always keep you on top of my list for any jewelry ideas or recommendations.


I’m sorry I haven’t responded with this thank you before now. The reason is I hadn’t given her the ring yet! As of two weeks ago that has changed. Just so you know? She loves the ring. She tells me repeatedly that it is the most beautiful ring in the world (I agree). I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a great job on the ring. You know, when we started talking about me buying this ring, I had my reservations about buying a ring, sight unseen, off of the internet. But I loved the custom setting you had on your website and had to have it. From the beginning, you put me at ease, and at every opportunity, tried to help in the process. From answering all my questions to helping me select a perfect diamond for the ring, you were a tremendous help. The result? You provided me a beautiful, very unique diamond engagement ring. One that my fiance is very proud of. Thank you so much, John. You were my eyes on this purchase and you delivered. I’d recommend you to anyone that asked.

Matt MurrayTulsa, OK

Your professionalism, quality of work, and generosity has given you another customer for life. The timely repairs performed on my platinum ring are phenomenal. I will definitely be a return customer for jewelry repairs and future purchases.

Thanks a million!

Eric B.

Dear DBD Diamonds,

My name is Leonard Campbell, and I am currently serving in the US Army in Iraq. Several months ago, I spent a good chunk of change on a Lion’s Head pendant. When I actually got the pendant here, I was totally disappointed, and a little mad. The charm did not look anything like the photos that were advertised on the website. I stewed over this for a few months, and finally came to the conclusion that I had just wasted over $900.00. After some additional time, I was web surfing, and I am not sure just how, but I came across your web page. I called your factory/shop, and spoke to a very nice young lady named Pam. She assured me that you could do what I wanted to have done, and she even gave me a general price range. Ok, so I was a little apprehensive, but I sent the charm anyway. I figured that I could do no worse, since I was already looking at the loss. I guess the charm was there for what turned out to be about two weeks, but that is probably due in part to the holiday season. It was finished and sent back to me at the end of December. Well, I have the charm back, and I must say, “Oh My God”!!!!! You guys are so awesome. The diamonds are in the eyes, and the charm has been high polished, just as I wanted it to be. I have been waiting to get it back, before I invested in a chain for it, and now I wait to get a chain. This pendant is exactly what I wanted when I ordered it. I need to give you guys a HUGE!!! I give you a round of applause and thank you sincerely for saving my investment. I am so glad that I found you, and so glad that I got the chance to get what I really wanted. I can’t Thank You enough for what you have done for me. Keep up the GREAT work, I am sure that you have heard that before, but I thought that you might like to hear it again.

Leonard Campbell Baqubah, Iraq

THANK YOU! After years of looking for the ring of my wife’s dreams, I found it on your web site. In just a couple of conversations you were able to finalize the ring design, and your price was more than fair. She was so pleased with it. She is not the typical teary eyed “girl”, but this ring brought tears to her eyes. She said, “I have always been disappointed in one way or another with jewelry you bought me, but this has left me speechless. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love it, it is perfect! I love you, baby.” I could not be more pleased with the personal service from 1600 miles away, your prices, and workmanship! I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thank You and your Staff! Respectfully, Eric Honeycutt

Hey John,

She loves the ring… just right. Thanks for working it out for me. And talked to a friend of mine this weekend about you, so I don’t know if he’ll call you soon or what… he’s just looking right now, and he wasn’t sure when he might really look to propose.

Stephen Smith

I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for the great job you did on my ring; it turned out beautifully and we are so pleased. We also wanted to thank you for your patience with the alterations and modifications. We wanted the ring to be perfect and it is! You did an amazing job and we will definitely be referring you to our friends and we will be back for future jewelry purchases. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness; you made the process easy and enjoyable.

Marci and Blair

John Dickinson, Jr. is FANTASTIC!!! He took our dream ring and made it come to life. He helped us realize our vision. We knew that we wanted a ring that was different from all of the rest, but we weren’t sure what it was. After perusing several different jewelry stores, we took “a little of this, and a little of that” we had THE ring in our minds. The hard part (we thought!) was going to find someone to design it. With a referral from a dear friend, who has been using DBD jewelers for years, we went to see John Jr. While telling John Jr. about our dream ring, it was as if he could see our mental picture of what we wanted the ring to look like. He made the most gorgeous ring come to fruition in NO TIME. He took the time to talk with Jonathan about the 4 C’s, and worked within our budget. MUCH to my surprise, he truly helped us realize our dream. I can honestly say that I have the most beautiful ring!

Kim Keathley and Jonathan Brown

After shopping around for an engagement ring, my husband contacted John Dickinson and they were able to beat the prices and get a larger diamond for a lot less than in a retail store. He was able to find a great diamond with the setting I wanted. Both my husband and I were very happy with the service and I absolutely love my ring! They are now our source for jewelry!

Pam and Tom WalkerCasper, Wyoming

My finance and I had been looking for the perfect ring for months when we found Dickinson by Design. The team of phenomenal designers was able to take designs of two different rings that I had and create the absolute ring of my dreams. The designer devoted so much of his time and creative skills to us until the ring we had envisioned became a spectacular reality. I have been stopped many times by people asking me where I found the unique design and also telling me that my diamond is of a spectacular quality. I recommend Dickinson by Design to others at every opportunity I have.

Julie M.

Just want to start off by saying, Thank you guys for EVERYTHING. I (nor my wife) have ever been happier!!! No matter what we have needed from, custom work (My wife’s engagement ring…It’s AMAZING) to re-sizing or fixing other jewelry and heirlooms. The work that you all have done has always been 100% correct, and timely. As far as I’m concerned I will never go anywhere else.

Travis Wilson

I just wanted to say Thank You to DBD for the awesome service you gave my husband in getting the perfect diamond for my engagement ring. Also, your readiness to custom design my platinum diamond wedding band and assist us with my husband’s platinum diamond band. We couldn’t have asked for better service.

DBD you have us as customers for life!

Art & Keren Gutierrez

I’m not sure if you’veÂheard from Billy or not but the ring is BEAUTIFUL and our daughter LOVES it!!  I don’t think she had taken it off.  As you know, her birthday was on New Year’s Eve. I wrapped the ring in a piece of foil and put it in her piece of birthday cake.  Of course she gave me the look like I screwed up the cake when she saw the foil.  It was a BIG surprise to the whole family!  A job well done, thank you so very much for helping make her 21st birthday memorable!!

Robin B.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful work on my ring. We really appreciate you taking the time to make it perfect, and I am very excited to showcase it in our engagement pictures this week 🙂