The Ashoka Cut is a highly unusual diamond cut. The style will definitely set your ring apart among other engagement rings for it’s startling appearance- one that combines class with the daring.

The Ashoka has a long rectangular shape with ends that are so faceted that they appear rounded. To create this particular cut requires a rare set of diamonds that are large enough for the cutting process.

The Ashoka Cut


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An Ashoka Cut Engagement Ring


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The Ashoka cut resembles a vintage cushion cut style, but it is unlike any other diamond. That being said, the Ashoka cut is an antique style that has existed for many generations and emanates a certain ageless elegance. The unusual design of the diamond causes the light to reflect off of it with exceptionally brilliance, giving it that  magical shimmer. The wonderful thing about the Ashoka cut is that it manages to be both eye-catching and completely classy. The ring will garner the respect and admiration of every onlooker. You will be able to wear an Ashoka engagement ring on your finger with an enduring sense pride and awe.

The Ashoka can come in Solitaire, Halo, and Three Stone variations. If you like the Ashoka cut, one thing is for sure: you have amazing taste.