The Flash Ring!

As a custom design jewelry company it is often that we receive odd or unusual requests. Over the years we have had to develop some very unique jewelry designs. Of course, these are very often the funnest designs for us to make!

Only just recently, a customer came in requesting an engagement ring. Not too unusual request except for the fact that she wanted a superhero themed engagement ring!

“The Flash” Ring

kristina wilson6

The man to be proposed to happened to be a notorious “The Flash” fan, and our client knew that it would be the surest way to his heart. The ring was designed by Lead Designer Peter Langley, and it was, quote, “the favorite ring I’ve designed so far”. As a cool feature, the top of the ring pops up to reveal something that lies within: perhaps his very own Flash suit? And if you look closely at the shimmering gold, you can make out intricately designed circles around the thunderbolt in the middle.

The team at DBD would love to design more rings like this. Maybe we could even start our very own superhero line one day! We hear the Green Lantern actually wears a ring… though we can’t exactly promise that our rings will endow you with superpowers. Anyways, if you have your own idea for a ring like this one, feel free to send in a request!

The Ring From Various Angles  (CAD)

kristina wilson5

Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 5 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 4 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 3 Rin - Kristina - 3274 - 2

kristina wilson5 kristina wilson4 kristina wilson3 kristina wilson2